Long time Doonesbury Fans -- Why Isn't Zonker Harris Rich?

A Lot of the current plot surrounds the financial discord surrounding B.D.'s disabled status, Zonker taking a Job at McFriendlies, etc. But… didn’t Zonker win a huge lottery when he was a Med student at the Hatian Med School his Uncle ?Duke ran? This events were republished in a collection called ‘Death of a Party Animal’. I can easily imagine Zonker losing multiple millions, 23 I think, but how did it happen? He did buy the Walden commune and turn it into a sanctuary for Honduran and El Salvadoran refugees.

He blew a large chunk of his winnings buying a British title. I think he also bought a Monet and ruined it by getting mayonnaise on it.

The title was His Lordship the Viscount St. Austell-in-the-Moor Biggleswade-Brixham.

…and used what was left to buy Uncle Duke after he’d been turned into a zombie and enslaved.

Not to mention all the drugs he must have bought.

Does he still get money from his professional-tanning endorsements?

Nah, he left the tanning circuit over the skin cancer scandals.

Thanks to all who responded, esp. Otto, & Flodnak, for filling in my missing Zonker history. Only makes sense, Duke was found ‘dead’ in that same collection. It is blacker humor in retrospect, remembering Honey keeping the Med students away from Duke’s ‘corpse’. Seems they had a shortage of cadavers for dissection, just then.

Mr. Blue Sky, Zonker grows his own. And his plants talk back.

No, they don’t. Not since he quit smoking them. (No smiley. This really was in a recent strip.)

How about, the plants still talk, he just doesn’t hear them, unless he’s been smoking them?

Do you suppose if we could hear trees scream, we’d still cut them down? I suppose we would, if they screamed all the time for no good reason.

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