Long, weird, cool John Hodgman interview (with shout out to Cecil!)

Thisis the longest interview I can remember seeing on the A.V. Club. I didn’t know he got his start on The Daily Show as a guest, or about the books he’s written (which I now have to pick up). And towards the bottom of Page 1 he mentions The Straight Dope as an inspiration.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.

I misspelled “weird,” didn’t I? I wish we could edit thread titles. It’s really too insignificant, but if a roving mod *happens *to see it and feels like fixing it, that’d be fine. And if not, that’s cool too.

Reading it now - very cool and very explicit shout-out to Cecil and the Straight Dope.

Hmmm - okay, clearly he is a Doper - but who??

I knew someone was going to say that. It’s not clear that he necessarily is. He may not even know about the website, only the printed columns.

Good interview, though. The one about him denying Chicago’s existence is absolutely hilarious, too.