Loni Bouchard; babysitter who is a female pedophile..

Reading her story, she is an actual pedophile and not just an ephebophile, the correct term that most mean to use when describing ‘pedophilia’.

Loni Bouchard Arrest

Loni Bouchard (Google Images)

I know this occurred quite a number of years ago but I just discovered this a few days ago. Obviously the first thing going through my mind was how attractive she is and the multiple times she has re-offended…No I’m not those guys who thinks ‘Damn, where were these girls when I was a kid!’. It’s obvious to anyone who has a speck of intelligence that if this was a male of similar age and race, he would not only have been still in prison the first time but we would later be transferred to solitary or another prison because of how many attacks he would receive.

Uh… the boys in question were 14. Doesn’t that make her an ephebophile?

What **Lumpy **said.

If you’re looking for an example of unarguable female pedophiles, try Vanessa Georgeand her associates. The Wiki (linked) is relatively neutral but even so be warned that the details are incredibly vile.