Look what was just delivered to my office...

I just received a package by mistake, containing this:

http://www.leather-temptations.com/page/L/PROD/BraSets/12-105 (not necessarily SFW).

It is actually addressed to me, but I didn’t order it. Not too sure what to do…

Well, dear, I expect whoever DID order it for you expects you to see if it fits. :wink:

Are you sure you received this, or are you just stoned on sedatives? :slight_smile:

Oh I received it all right. It’s sitting right here.

I have no idea who could have sent it to me. I am, sadly, currently single.

I suppose I could wear it to remedy that…

I’m thinking those sedatives are working well, because I don’t know of many places that picture would be SFW.

Humm. sorry bout that. I mean - it’s safe here at my office, but as I said in another thread, there’s a prof here that often walks around with his wang hanging out of his shorts, so we’re perhaps a bit lax…

Someone switched your meds, then arranged to have that delivered, so that you’d abandon all…uh, abandon and decide to model it. :wink:

Obviously not a Victoria’s Secret thing! She has nipples.

And if anyone, anyone, so much as tries to make a joke about any “Indian Nippleless 2000” or anything I will do something very very terrible to them.

Anyway, did you possibly order something else? I have no real answer, though.

Nope - I haven’t ordered anything. Well, I ordered a tie to be delivered in the US, which it was.

I haven’t ordered anything for myself, and this little beauty hasn’t shown up on any of my credit cards, so I’m a bit confused.

Clearly you have a secret admirer.

That somewhat creepy guy in accounting, perhaps?

Good Christ, I really did not need to think about the creepy guy in accounting in the context of that package.

Makes you want another sedative, eh?

“Freaking Out Fellow Dopers – Just Another Service I Offer.” :smiley:

Just try telling folks about this, and see if anyone believes you.

I can’t imagine what the mail guys are thinking after dilivering a package to me from “Allure Leather”.

Enough idle talk.

In order that we, your Fellow Compassionate Dopers, can guide you through this, we shall need photos. Not links, photos.


Well, that link made my day…

I haven’t actually decided if I’m going to try it on or not.

I AM going to take it home with me and actually take it out of the package. I really don’t need the dean to walk in while I’m admiring it in my office.


FROM: Accounting
TO: Alice

SUBJ: Personal audit

Please stop by my office. There are a couple of points we need to go over.

First, let me say that I am most assuredly not serious about this. I’m very happily married, but somebody has to say it!

So, how are YOU doin’? :smiley: