White Elephant 3... I wanna know who is still on the couch!

OK… so I’ll get this started!

Who is still on the couch? Who has gotten their WE??
For the record, I’m still on the couch… as is my recipient (as far as I know) even though I sent mine out a couple of weeks ago…:frowning:

Someone pass me a drink! Where’s the remote?

I’m on the “don’t know if my recipient got theirs, yet” couch m’self. I already posted what I got from Winnowill, but I have no clue if my ergonomically-designed, plasma-powered package was ever received by anyone up in New England…

I got…whiskey, gin or beer. Whatcha want? And I’m not lettin’ go of the remote, see?


I finally got my package. I love everything in it. My favorite thing is the soapdish which has a really cool saying on it. I lived in Japan for 5 yrs so I love household appliances and philosophical thoughts blended together.

I’ve not watched the video yet, but I will.

Yay for White Elephant! Yay for Astroboy14!

Thanks a million!

Yes, I am still on the couch. :frowning:

::settles in with her coffee and some Eggs Benedict::

I’m still on the couch.

Rue tells me that it apparently is on the way. :: crosses fingers ::

Hey Astroboy, a little birdie tells me one S. H. Jung has a package for you…right now…

I posted this at the temp boards, but I’ll put it here too to make sure it is seen.

I got a book from Albert Rose! A book by an author I like! I thought I hadn’t read it before, but I had. However, I’d forgotten all the details. I just reread it and finished it last night. It was a real pleasure.

I’m such a book fan, I needed something funny and light to read given that I’ve got my head buried in thesis work. Thanks Albert Rose! It was a perfect White Elephant!

Sittin’ on the couch, just waitin for a package with my name on it to arrive.:frowning:

Still on the couch, too. But I think I might be this one person’s recipient, and I think he said something about sending it out late. But he didn’t say it directly to me, nor has he emailed me about it.

Jane, never fear, your Elephant went out last Thursday, due to arrive whenever the postal service feels like forwarding it on to you!

Woo-hoo! We’re back at the real SDMB. I am way, way off the couch. I got a really cool white elephant package from Zappo on February 19. This was a day when I really needed a pick-me-up, as I was just preparing to go do battle with the evil school board the next night (but that’s another story). Great timing, Zappo!

And the contents were:

A letter. I’ll save this for last. Let’s check out the goods!

In a blue velvet drawstring bag: (classy!)[ul]
[li]Oil change stickons[/li][li]Bubbles, from Debbie and Gus’s wedding![/li][li]Oral B SATIN floss![/li][li]Connectors from cerro communication products (MTS B)[/li][li]tape[/li][li]A yellow rose pin (with hand painted leaf!)[/li][li] A keychain, letting me know that in case of accident, I should call 1-800 274-4499 IMMEDIATELY (from the scene of the accident, if possible.) [/li]What’s scary is that it’s shaped exactly like my minivan…
[li]“Received” stamper[/li][li]More floss![/li][li]A Christmas tree pin[/li][li]A personalized license plate keychain for Eloise![/li][li]An aetna US healthcare apple pendant on a lanyard[/li][li]A “Judge Seamus McCaffery for Commonwealth Court” pin.[/li] (Orange, white and green. Is he going for a big Mexican vote in Pa?)
And then, on to the other stuff in the box:
[li]6 Harlequin romances, complete with sarcastic comments about the goofy subject matter and/or illustrations (From Hold Me Captive: He’s thinking “You’re hot!” She’s thinking “You’re dressed like a gay Ken doll” (He was.)(Is there any other kind?)[/li]
Stop again to look at the return address label on the box again, confused. I thought the name on that return address was a guy’s name. Harlequin romances? Hmmmm.

[li]Nylon license plate fasteners[/li]
[li]The Con-Air facial spa. [/li]Stop once again to look at the return address label. I’m sure that’s a guy name. Start to have doubts about Zappo’s masculinity.

[li] A “Too much coffee, man” postcard[/li]
[li]A video on Freemasonry[/li]
[li]Highlights of employe benefits (not employee, employe) benefits for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. [/li]
(Wow. Their benefits include blood banks!)

[li]A yellow note pad[/li]
[li]A Maryland road map (complete with a picture of the governor with a bird of prey perched on his gloved hand. My governor never poses with raptors…)[/li]
[li]The “345 hp Escalade PowerPlay DVD Rom game -------- Test Drive the Most Powerful SUV in the Universe!” [/li]
Think to myself “It’s such a shame FatherJohn wasn’t around to play White Elephant this round…”
[li]A cell phone holster. [/li]
Hey, that looks like it will fit my new Nokia cell phone. It does! Woo hoo!

[li]A Norman Rockwell/TV Guide 2002 calendar[/li]
[li]A couple of cassette singles - Rock Lobster/Private Idaho by the B-52’s, and Jump Around by the House of Pain[/li]
Drove my children nuts listening to Rock Lobster on the way to a program at school that night…

[li]A squeaky rubber duck, attired as a cheerleader for 2000 MOD?[/li]
[li]Several post-it note pads for the Rx cream Vaniqa [/li]
[li]Another post-it note pad. This one is personalized for Arthur Andersen.[/li]
I guess after Enron, everyone who has ever had any association with them is trying to get rid of the evidence.

[li]Some woodland creature/nature scene type Christmas cards[/li]
[li]Refrigerator magnets (including one for the Super 6 Lotto!) [/li]Ah, a cruel reminder that the gamblers among us in NC must journey into other states to play their lotteries and fund THEIR states’ education funds instead of our own.


[li]Peanuts! Lots and lots of white peanuts (suitable fodder for a large white packagederm.)[/li][/ul]

AHA! And now I’ve read the letter. (Which is good, since it cleared up a lot of those concerns I’d been having about Zappo’s masculinity. The facial spa and Harlequin romances are actually second-generation packagederms, inherited from his last round package from Shirley Ujest, including the interesting commentary. A second-generation Thanks to you, Shirley!) Whew. I’m sorry I had doubts about you, Zappo. Just floss those teeth, OK?

And the cheerleader duck came from a muscular dystrophy benefit regatta.

Thanks for the cool stuff, Zappo. It really brightened my day. I hope the rest of you make it off the couch soon.

And Rue? Thanks for the Telegraph, which helped keep us all in the loop during the board’s absence.

I’m on the couch. Hey someone pass the popcorn.

Maybe if we ask real nice, Rue will let us jump up and down on it.

Ywalker, you are so very welcome for the ultra cheesy romance novels, via **Zappo **. The sarcasm, mine, was free of charge. Maybe one day I will give away the totally cheesy 1970’s romance novel entitled, " Infidels of Love", but I can’t bear to part with it as it is just so horrid, like an MST3K movie. Pleasure/Pain principal thing.
I, by the way, am still on the couch and have been assured by **Rue ** that the sender has sent it to me, the sendee.

Two+ weeks ago, Ruededay assured me that my Packagederm[sup]TM[/sup] would arrive by that Friday. He did so in a message titled “You poor, poor kid” dated 2/27.

However, as of today, 3/11, I have yet to receive said Packagederm[sup]TM[/sup], and no longer know what to make of the situation.

So, essentially…

I’m STILL sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and eating Eggs Benedict, which grow more fattening with every passing hour.

Dammit, people - won’t you think of my girlish figure?

Huzzah! Frabjous day! Kaloo! Kalay!

Happy thing number one: Anahita got her 'phant! :cool: I’m glad you liked it 'hita! You’re quite welcome!

Happy thing number two: I’m off the couch!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I went to the office today, and hiding in my mailbox was a White Elephant! (bonus joke: How can you tell if a white elephant has been in your refrigerator? Footprints in the butter!!:stuck_out_tongue: )

I am now opening it, live, for your amusement…

Let’s see what we have here:

[ul]A white plastic bag that says “Purolator”! Yay! (Oh… wait, this may be part of the packaging…)

A cardboard box! (I suspect this, also, may be part of the packaging… Whew! Had a tough time getting that sucker open with my nail clippers!)

Four paperback novels! (Excellent! And just in time: I was going to go to the bookstore next weekend, 'cause I’m outta stuff to read! Good timing!:cool: )

One large hackeysack which says “I am” and then has a picture of a Canadian Maple leaf! (Cool! I’m not Canadian, but I will use this! I love playing hackeysack!)

One cloth bag containing… um… Hey! A mini portable guitar amp! (Again! Cool! I’ll try this out later with my electric guitar! Wonder if it works?)

A button with a band name on it… it says “Jr. Gone Wild Too Dumb to Quit” (Hmm… don’t know the band, but OK!)

One small blue plastic shark! Which chomps, even! (Actually I played with this for about 5 minutes before I wrote the previous sentence!:wink: )

One rubber ball! (I’ll play with that in a few minutes…)

One piece of something that appears to be either animal bone or horn… (Huh… OK!)

One Panda Bear bookmark! (Very cute… likely to be confiscated by Astrogirl…)

Two bottles of what apears to be fingernail polish… one Chrome, and the other “Shimmering sable” (The labels are in French and say ‘Pour les Ongles’… hmm… I have no problem with pouring, but I’m not sure I have an ‘Ongles’… I’ll check into this later…)

A highway map of the Yukon! (Hey, I may actually use this some day… I’ve always wanted to drive up to Alaska!)

One small, uh, mask-pendant dealy! (Huh… interesting!)

One piece of what appears to be leather, maybe… (Huh!)

And, last, but not least, a letter which I am now going to read… it may explain a couple of the items… one moment![/ul]

Ah ha! The leather piece is an unfinished moosehide necklace! (It probably will remain unfinished! :wink: ) The mask-pendant dealy is just that, made by tisiphone… the animal horn turned out to be Carabou horn! An unfished little pipe for, uh, tobacco… yeah, that’s it! (This very well MIGHT be finished!:smiley: ) Ah, and the plastic shark is from one of those “Kinder surprise” thingys that I’ve heard some of you guys taking about…

Wow! SCORE !!!

Thanks, tisiphone!!! You made my day!

Okey dokey, let’s get everyone off the Couch!!!

Rah, rah, rah!!!

But since I’ve suffered an attack of the “Really Lazies”, this is how I see things going…

You say “Gee, I’m on the Couch!” here. Then your Elephant Buddy can see that you’re still on the Couch and maybe say “Have no fear! Your Packagederm shall be arriving momentarily!”. (Like Eonwe just did.)


Your Buddy could e-mail me and say “It’s going out now!” and let me know if I should let you know (which I probably would no matter what) or just leave you hanging for a few more days.


Your Buddy could just e-mail you straightaway, cutting me right out of the loop.


If anyone sees anyone still on the Couch and they just want to send them something, let me know. We’ll work something out. (I’ll still be working the Auxiliaries, just not all that hard.)

Winnie, I’ve been told, nay sworn to, that your Packagederm is on its way. (You might even score two boottles of swag.)

Let’s get everyone off the Couch!!!

Rah, rah, rah!!!

I have just received notification that I am due to be kicked off the couch within the week! Yippie!!!


I was starting to get worried. The nail polishes are not my colours, and I thought maybe Astrogirl would be able to wear them, indeed maybe even like them…the rest was just, well, stuff.

Couple of things to keep in mind with the caribou antler…if you use a dremel or an electric drill on it, wear a dust mask and use a slow speed. The smell of burning bone dust is appalling. Hand tools are slower, but don’t stink up the place.

The pendant was one of the first few I made (it shows!), and the only one left. It’s not signed for a reason, so if I ever get famous, you’re going to have to include the letter where I admit to making it when you sell it off.

I’d have sent more books, 'cause those are the items most cluttering up the house. However, weight was an issue. And don’t get your hopes up too high, they were culls. Actually, I wondered about the availability of less-than-stellar science fiction in English in your location. What are the English bookstores like there? Are they specialty shops, or do they have sections in Korean bookstores?

The leather necklace was going to be beaded, but I never got around to it. I suppose you could paint it if you wanted to…

Glad you’re enjoying the Packagederm!

tisiphone, I don’t know yet whether Astrogirl will like the colors of the nail polish… I will see her tomorrow, and will know then! (I suspect she will not, but that almost makes it certain she will! Whenever I like the color of something she should wear, she doesn’t like the color! The girl has no taste!!! Curse her and her perky boobies! :D)

Should I finish the caribou pipe (I probably will) it will be hand tools all the way! (I’d like to claim that this is for the sake of something cool… but the truth is that I am too smart to try to operate power tools while drunk… Bad experiences in the past… don’t ask!)

In regards to the pendant… you sent it to me, and the way I see it, the onus of proving authenticity is on YOU! Should you become famous, it is up to you to notify me, so that I can get rich selling it! Please be advised! (we don’t need no lawsuits!)

As for the books… They are GREAT! I just started the first one tonight (Fool’s Errant by Matthew Hughes)… There are no English only bookstores here… Only Korean bookstores with an English section. I dread going to them, because they seem to have NO organization! Not sorted by genre, Author, or anything else that I can see! Thanks much!!!:cool:

As for the necklace… I have no idea what it’s fate may be! It may end up going out to the world in the next WE exchange… I’m not very crafty! I’ll have to consult with Astrogirl about this… she makes all the decisions here…

D’OH!!! BAD English teacher! BAD!!!