Looking for a certain post

Not sure if this is the right forum. I’ve searched my subscribed threads and tried an advanced search using keywords and time frame for over an hour now, but just can’t find it.
It was in a thread dealing with relationships, and the poster was a guy who had given advice to a friend of his. The advice was something like, “Work hard, live well, take care of your own shit, and the right woman will find you.”
This advice was my screensaver for a while (altered to fit my gender) but it’s somehow been lost and I really want it back again!
Any dopers remember this, and could possibly point me to the post or thread?

To make the search function more effective, if you can remember exact order of words in the quote, you can enclose them in quotation marks in the search field, and that phrase will be sought out. Thus, if you search for right woman, the word right gets ignored as too common or short, leaving you with a plethora of posts with the word woman in them. On the other hand, a search for “right woman” produces only three pages of results, I believe.

Now if you can whittle it down as to which forum contained the post from which the quote came, you’ll go even further towards finding the actual post in question. Remember to have the search report posts, not threads, to save you the time hunting through the thread for the actual post you want. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I tried all that…searched for “work hard live well take care shit find you” (cause that’s as near as I can remember the advice being word for word) and the filter took out a few of those for being too common. I limited the serach to forums MPSIMS and IMHO and searched the time frame being 3 months or older, with more than 10 reply posts. Also checked the “show as posts” box. I’ve tried it all!
I went through my subscriptions for the past year, looking for a thread that might have had advice like that, but I’m not positive I subscribed to it.
IIRC, ‘woman’ wasn’t in it, but “she will find you” was. However, she is too common a word.

Thank Og for my penchant for writing stuff down. I found the quote in my journal and have now satisfied this ridiculous distraction.
Here is the quote:
[post=7679169]From Linty Fresh[/post]