Searching for text by a specific poster?

Is there a way to search for threads containing a specific string of words posted by a specific user?
For example, can I search for posts by lieu containing the word “bathroom”?

When you go to search, click on “advanced search” under the text box. On the next page, enter your keyword on the left and the user on the right. Then submit your search.

Make sure that you designate whether you’re looking for posts or titles and how you want them displayed. Also, enter your time frame and whether the search should be for before or after.

Possibly in reference to the “no, you can’t use my bathroom” thread?

Or the Is your wake-up set to Alarm, Music or Fart? thread.
Lieu’s posted the word ‘bathroom’ 37 times since 4/22/2002.

Thanks. I swear I tried this a couple of times in the past, and it didn’t work. It works fine now.
bathroom + lieu: 33 threads
toilet + lieu : 28 threads

And, no, that wasn’t actually the reason I was asking.