Looking for a Chicago Debate Party...having trouble finding one

Dunno why my Goole-Fu fails me today. Normally it is strong.

I am looking for a Debate Party to watch the debate at tonight. I prefer a bar (not someone’s home) and preferably in the Lakeview neighborhood or Loop (or near Loop) vicinity.

I’ve found these going on for all the last debates but drawing a blank for this one.

Also note it needs to be either an Obama friendly debate place or neutral.

Thanks in advance!

Barack Obama’s website has groups you can join - and nearly every single one in my area is having a debate party. Some are small, some large, some at house, some at bars.
If you create a profile, you get access to local events. You can search and find something suitable for you. You don’t have to be an active part of the group, just find where the debate parties will be held in public (say, a bar), walk in, order a drink and watch.

Thanks…that helped.

Any Dopers hitting any bars tonight for Obama?