Looking for a children's story about a giant

:confused: Hi, I’m hoping that someone can help me. When I was in elementary school in the early 70’s we would watch a filmstrip when we went to the library, surly it is a book, I hope. I thought it was called “The littlest Giant” but I can’t find it anywhere. It was about a giant that lived in a castle and had a garden out front with many trees. The children would play in the garden but the Giant got mad and put up a wall and didn’t let the children in. Then winter came and the show princess laid down snow the frost danced on his roof and did damage etc. but one part of the garden was still springlike because a small child was found sitting in one of the trees, so the giant knocked down the wall and let the children back in and he was once again happy and the garden was spring-like and beautiful. That is the jist of it, it had beautiful illlistrations. If anyone know of this story or book and where I might find it please contact me at my private e-mail. Thanks spinner777

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde?

Yep, here it is in full.

You are both awesome, I have been looking for a long time.

Wow. That’s strange, but I knew which story you were thinking of before I even read the OP. I thought about it because it was made as a (I think) made-for-tv half-hour cartoon that I watched as a kid. I wonder if it’s available anywhere? I remember the story and can picture what it looked like and everything, and am pretty positive about there being a cartoon of the story. Can anyone else vouch for me?

Part one on Youtube.

That was awesome that is what I watched as a child, you have made my day.

The story is told in several parts by Stephen Fry as the title character in WILDE, though I imagine the animated version has less simulated sodomy with Jude Law.

I managed to get hold of a DVD of this a couple of weeks ago by (lets say) unconventional means. The film was made Readers Digest and their film division no longer exists. So the ownership and copyright has fallen into a legal black hole. This is why you cannot legitimately buy a copy.