Help me ID this children's book on Giants.

I remember having this really neat book on Giants when I was just starting to read. (37-5=32 years ago).
It had some really elaborate sketching (the artwork was very flowy and seemed, at the time, to be very well illustrated for a children’s book). I’m remembering very detailed artwork.
I also remember that there was one giant in particular (I think the main character) that would meet various other giants along the way and each giant seemed to be bigger than the next.
I can’t for the life of me remember the plot or a single word of the title.

Help anyone?

Could it be this one from 1972?


I had that book when I was a kid! I loved it! I had totally forgotten about it!

[/clicks “add to wish list” and waits impatiently for payday…]

The littlest Giant - Fromthe OZ collection by L. Frank Baum

Maybe, maybe not.

I think my cousins had that book. Does a little boy teach a giant how to whistle? If so, I learned how to whistle from that book!

YES, that’s it!!! God, I looked all over the hell for that and I absolutely could not remember what was on the cover of the book.
Thanks gigi, you da bomb. I will be ordering a copy stat. I’ve got three kids at home that will love it.
Yeah, teaching the giant how to whistle, I remember that now!!

Oh cripes, I forgot to add that I searched 177 titles at Amazon before I posted the OP and didn’t see it. Giants, Youth, Fiction - I believe were the search terms.
I just read some of the reviews of that book and I realise what a treasure it is. I must have it again.

Good job girl! I had (still have?) that one too. I found it in a doctor’s waiting room when I was a little girl. I had accompanied my grandma to the doctor, and I sat quietly absorbed in that book until she was finished. I didn’t want to leave because I wasn’t done with the book, and the receptionist said, “Oh let her have it. We don’t get that many kids in here anyway.” Thank you, long-ago doctor’s office lady!

How sweet! Just shows how the minor things we do have an impact we may not even know.

I’ve never read it but I am tempted after all these raves!!

Yaaah!, I found a copy at Half-Price-Books about 5 miles from here. I will be reading it to my kids tonight. :slight_smile:

Yay! I’m sure they will love it as much as you did, especially as they see your enthusiasm. Aww, warm cuddly nights with the kiddies and great book. What could be better.

I have this book, too! It’s in my memory box; I need to get it out and give it to my daughter. That one and The Giant Jam Sandwich were my favorites when I was little.

I had that one! I think it got lost in one of our many moves. :frowning:

I had that book too! Though I dodn’t remeber the whistle story.
I don’t remember a lot actually - just the OPs descripion and when I saw the cover it looked familar.


Ah, I read it to the kids last night, they loved it.
I remember every picture in that book like I just saw them yesterday. My favorite one is the page where the giant is running through a windmill and the illustration shows the windmill in mid-smash. Pretty cool artwork for a kids book. Phillipe Fix did a great job.
If you guys have kids I recommend the book highly, it’s definitely a one of a kind.

I just ordered a copy off ebay for 99 cents. Yay! I bet mini-Marli will love it.