Looking for a Good Date Movie

I met this girl over the weekend at a party and was thinking of doing the classic dinner and a movie special. The only problem is I don’t see many movies out there right now that would be good for a first date, aside from The Village which I don’t really want to see. Is there anything else worth seeing? I mean I’ll see The Village if it comes down to it but is there anything better out there?

If you’re thinking of something romantic but not cheesy, you could try seeing Before Sunset. Its prequel, “Before Sunrise,” is one of my favorite date movies, and from what I’ve heard you don’t have to see one to enjoy the other.

The only question is whether or not it’s playing in Scarborough.

It is playing in Scarborough. Thanks Treviathan, it looks like a good choice.

Also, if you can, do movie then dinner. That way you’ll have something to talk about during the dinner.

Or better yet, go see a play. Much more interactive, makes a better impression than going to a typical movie, and (depending on the venue) not terribly more expensive.

To be honest, we’re going to have plenty to talk about during dinner regardless of the movie. To avoid turning this into a MPSIMS thread, let me just say we were both trashed off of faces when we met and in ~3 weeks we’re both heading back to school. 9 1/2 hours from each other. So it’ll be interesting regardless.

Part of the problem in picking a movie/any other social event is that I know very little about her. Hell at this point, I’d rather just go for a coffee with her, so we can figure out if we’re actually attracted to each other when sober.

Well, then, why don’t you do that?

Because I’m an idiot, that’s why. Seriously though, I’m going to give her a call tonight and see how she feels about it. I’ve never met anyone this way before, so I’m not entirely sure of the “rules” in this case.

If it’s still playing, I think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a great first date movie. Either that or it’s a really really awful first date movie…

Well, for me it would be a great first date movie :smiley: .

I think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would be a great first date movie. The person’s reaction would help me figure out if I’m interested in a second date.

Spiderman II would be another good first-date movie. I have a hard time imagining anyone–except maybe a few rabid fanboys–not enjoying it.

I’d steer away from suggesting a stereotypical “girly” movie just because she’s a woman (not implying that Before Sunset is such a movie).

Best. Date. Movie. EVER:


Whichever side you take, you’re wrong.

The Nightmare Before Christmas seems to have become a popular date movie lately, at least in some circles.

Yeah, I never saw Spiderman I :o so that may not be the best idea. Thanks for all the help ladies and gents.