I'm going to see a movie on Wednesday!

… who cares, right?

This time is different from the last 100 or so movies I’ve seen though, this time I’m going … with a girl! :slight_smile:

Just as friends, but it’s been so long since I’ve been ‘out’ I hope I don’t ruin it.

Enjoy the anticipation and the date!

You’re not going to ruin it. Just remember, she is probably wondering the same thing about herself.

Dating’s like riding a bicycle: Make sure you wear a helmet. Im kidding! It’ll be fun. And remember – now that we know about this, you have to tell us how it went.

If she’s already your friend and that’s all you are going as, how can you “ruin” it?

And knee pads. :smiley:

well, we met maybe 2 weeks ago, and have only talked online, so now she’ll be seeing me in person for the first time, and that bothers me a little.
I’ll be sure to post an update after is happens though,.

Well, I forgot to update that day, but we had a good time. It was my first time out with a girl since my last relationship, so it was a little weird, but it was a positive experience. Hopefully we’ll get to meet up again before I leave on my trip :slight_smile:

Woo hoo! Glad it went well.

We do want just a few more details though – like, did she say anything about the fact that you were wearing a bicycle helmet?

I think a bicycle helmet would have been a good conversation piece!

All she’s really said is that she brought up alot of good conversation topics, and I didn’t capitalize on them at all. Talking online and talking in person are very different, unfortunately, and I never really was good at it. I find myself worried about offending her or bringing up touchy subjects, I guess.

I’m gonna stop bumping this I think, because I’m sure noone really wants to keep seeing it .

Well allow me to add some belated woohooing on your behalf! You’re out there, you’re doing it, you’re actually meeting people and still trying, yay you!

So, what’dja see anyway?

We saw The Day After Tomorrow, at her request. I went in with low expectations (of the movie) and came out pretty pleased, over all.
We then walked back to my car and I drove her around the mall to hers :slight_smile:
(you see, we met at the mall, and walked to the theater, which is in the parking lot.)

I think we’re going out again this week sometime, so it’s looking good.

Nice, the second date is when there’s a chance for some good stuff. :smiley: