Looking for a keychain...

…that will accomodate thick things like remote car door openers, the little (but, again, thick) EZ charge electronic gizmos at gasoline pumps, car keys with thick “handles” or whatever they’re called.

The problem is, it’s hard to add these (and other) things to a standard key ring like so…


…and they end up warping the key ring itself. I got a whole mess of stuff to put on the key ring and am in need of your suggestions.

(BTW, I don’t own a Porsche, just a used Accord.)

Perhaps a Carabiner?

Just go down to your local hardware store and get a large size split ring keyring.

There’s usually a display of them in various sizes near the key cutting machine. There’ll usually be sizes from maybe 3/4" to 2". If you get a big enough one, it’ll do fine with all of your keys and gizmos. If you want some novelty tag (like the leather Porsche tag in the link), just pull it off the Porsche ring and put it on the bitter ring.

Here’s an example, though most local hardware stores have them an open peg display, not on individual cards.

I’ve done that at a couple of places. Wasn’t satisfied with the rings. In fact I bought a good sized ring and that’s the one I’m complaining about.

Encinitas’s suggestion of a Carabiner was interesting but I have some keys with small holes that it wouldn’t work for. (I think.)

Ignition locks really don’t like large amounts of heavy keys hanging from them. They can and do wear out from this.

Assault a Junior High School Shop Teacher and steal his. (or did they stop teaching shop when Junior Highs became Middle Schools?)

I have a Tumi keyfob that holds a remote control, several club card thingys and some keys and on the other end is the valet attachment that can snap off to hold my bulky remote car key. So I take that one off when I’m driving the car so I don’t have to carry all that weight while driving.

This is the model I have and so far so good. I am happy with it. The key fob closes with my remote inside it and all the keys and I leave my car key out. On the back it has a slot to hold cards or whatever.