Looking for a password organizer

On my current work computer I’ve been using Norton’s password organizer (don’t remember what it’s called off hand). AFAIK, they don’t sell it anymore. On the good chance that I don’t still have the original install file, I’ll need a new program as I migrate to a new computer. The reason I like this one is that all it does is fill in my user name and password on a screen that requires it. It doesn’t help with forms, it doesn’t warn me that I’m entering my SSN, it’s not flashy or bloaty, it just sits there quietly until it’s needed. Oh, the other thing I like about it, is that it doesn’t prompt me for anything when I go to a site that it already has the password info for, as soon as the page loads it automatically fills in the required fields. Any other suggestions? (Here’s hoping I still have the original install file).

I use RoboForm myself, but Lifehacker recently did a piece on the Best Password Managers, which KeePass won. I’ve no experience with KeePass, but I know RoboForm will act as you prefer (it will fill forms if you want it to, but it’s customizable so it won’t if you don’t).

RoboForm costs $30, anything else?

I’ve been using KeePass for a couple years. I think its great. Its original intent is to be strictly a “Password Safe”, but there are extensions available for it that do browser integration. I’ve never used any of those features, so I can’t tell you how well they work, but the price (free, as in beer) can’t be beat.

I’ve been using Wallet and like it quite a bit.