Password and Login Keeper

It seems that not a week passes by without me registering for some new webpage or information forum. I’m looking for an application that could help me to organize all of the associated logins and passwords into one place for future reference.

Does anyone know of a simple program that could help me out with keeping track of this info?

There’s one called Passkeeper, free for individual and nonprofit use. I’ve used it for years with no complaints; not sure if anyone else has heard otherwise.

Netscape version 7.x has a password manager that remembers passwords for you and fills them in when you re-visit a web site.

Now that I’m thinking about this, I used to have a program called Gator (I don’t know if it had anything to do with the scumware Gator, so I’ve never bothered with it again). Anyways, it was great. It memorized all my passwords, and everytime I went to a website where I needed a password it just filled it in (or I clicked on the icon by the clock, I don’t remember, either way you didn’t have to tell it what site you were at, or cut and paste the password in.) It was quite a nice program, I wish I had something similar. I think IE has an Autofill, but then anytime anyone goes to that site it fills in your info I believe. With this program I could shut it down, and I belive you needed a password to turn it back on.

Seeing as how the Passkeeper website seems to be inaccessable, I’ll throw in my alternate suggestion for Any Password. Also free for personal and not-for-profit use. Also, no complaints .

Do not use Gator. Despite their recent insistance to the contrary, they are scum-sucking purveyors of spyware that will make your computer chug more than a frathouse on a long weekend.

Sorry, just recommend you not use that, don’t have any recommendations myself.

On the MacOS X side, there’s the “Keychain” utility, which remembers and retrieves your passwords for all applications – web browsers, email, etc. The data is encrypted to prevent hackers from grabbing them, and it’s automatically unlocked when you log in, which makes it transparent to use (though you can choose to lock it manually, if you’re really paranoid).

I am using IE6 and it will remember passwords all by itself so i do not understand the need for any additional plugins.

In any case you should have a list of your passwords elsewhere in case your computer loses them or whatever. I have a WORD document where I keep all sorts of vital information like bank accounts, PINs, credit cards, log in passwords etc. I have this document encrypted with PGP so that only I can see it.

I am amazed at how many people forget their passwords and did not take the precaution of recording it somewhere.

What happens when you click the link? It works perfectly okay for me in IE and in Opera.

(That is, the link for Passkeeper.)

sailor, IE6 doesn’t remember every password (you’re talking about AutoFill, right?), for some reason. Sometimes it asks me if I want to “remember” it, and sometimes it does not.

Opera, on the other hand, has a nifty little feature called Wand. The first time you enter a PW to a site, Opera asks you if you want to keep it - and if you do, all you need to do it click the magic wand icon to log in. That way it doesn’t immediately show up when you visit a site.

Many thanks for all the suggestions, I’m evaluating them as we speak. Goodbye notebook…

I just started using Roboform, it’s decent.