Looking for a "Rush Limbaugh Watch" website

I swear I stumbled across this place once before, they don’t keep a word-for-word transcript, but pretty detailed notes and paraphrases, maybe with some quotation, for every show, every day. Designed (I assume) for people who want to keep up with what he’s saying without actually listening or reading the transcripts on his site. I’m pretty sure it was a liberal website, so very possibly there was commentary too.

Now that I have need for it, my Google skills are not equal to the task of finding it again. Dammit.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

You might be thinking of Media Matters, a liberal Web site that keeps tabs on the Limbaughs, Becks and Hannitys of the world.

Rush keeps lots of verbatim transcripts of his shows at his own website, www.rushlimbaugh.com. You might check there.

I already found both of those sites. The site I stumbled across, I think I heard somewhere that it was funded by George Soros. If that helps. Probably it won’t. I can’t believe I can’t find this thing again…

Years ago in the Compuserve days, there were listeners who made “summaries” of each of his programs. I remember when I used to run a BBS back in the day, I would collect these summaries for the text file portion of my board for people to download.

I do not know if this is done today…


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