Looking for a video - Benny Hinn

Ok I couldn’t find it when I searched Youtube or Google.

I remember a long time ago there was a video of Benny Hinn.
The video showed Benny Hinn trying to ‘heal’ a mentally challenged man.
When Benny tried to make that man fall, the mentally challenged man fought back.

Does anyone remember that?
Anyone have a link to that video?


No but it’s funny you should mention him since he’s been in the news in Toronto a fair bit lately http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/839668--married-toronto-preacher-benny-hinn-romantically-linked-to-healer I haven’t seen an honest televangelist yet.

I have to see that video. OP, I can’t search, because I’m working, but you betta believe I’ll be searching for it when I get off!

I thought you were going to say “Benny Hill”…

Didn’t see that one. I did see him “heal” a “deaf” man once, who began shouting “I can HEAR!” in one the least convincing displays of excitement I’ve ever seen outside of my own bedroom.

It’s sad that people watch this guy and send him $$.

From the description, I bet the video would be hilarious if it were scored with “Yakety Sax”.

Well, it’s not specifically the video of Hinn and the man fighting back, but Benny Hinn video has already been scored with Yakety Sax:



obviously, a graduate of the Three Stooges Academy of Spirtual Healing.

I’ll describe what I remember from the video and hopefully it can help with the search.

Benny Hinn is standing on stage with a down syndrome man about Benny’s height or taller.

Hinn then says he can heal the man from his ‘illness’ and put his hand on the guy’s forehead. After doing his prayer or whatever, he pushes the man on the forehead but the down syndrome man didn’t fall. So Hinn tries a littler harder and manages to push the DS man back a bit. Hinn then attempts again to make the DS man fall down but this time as he approaches, the DS man takes a swipe at Hinn and runs towards him. The guards (or Hinn’s prayer men?) grab the DS man and hold him. Hinn then does the head push and the DS man falls down (as rehearsed).

I can’t remember if that’s exactly what happened as the video i saw was probably from 8 yrs back.

Maybe it was in a CBC documentary…

Memory’s a funny thing, but. . .

I remember seeing something similar on Benny Hinn maybe 15 years ago. But the way I remember it:

I don’t remember the man being “challenged” one way or the other.
The man was a good bit older than Hinn (I would have thought 60s).
I don’t remember him taking a swipe at Hinn.

OK, so the only similar thing that I remember was Hinn “tapping” the person multiple times before he fell, but that’s the only time I recall someone who didn’t fall immediately.

I’m part of this tradition and half the people in Pentecostal-Charismatic discussion groups have nothing but disdain for him. The other half… sigh

And for the amusement of ya buncha heathens, I submit this…


Adding to your Ben Hinn video here is a really amusing YTMND gif made me laugh http://magicjesusjacket.ytmnd.com/

I’m surprised there are as much as half. The charismatic community seems to be very hesitant with using the discerning of spirits–i.e. determining whether someone is really working for God or not.

Somebody ought to take some of the ones where he “heals” people from a distance, and add some Hadouken effects from Street Fighter.