Looking for a "WTF" greeting card

I’m looking for a greeting card wherein the text says “WTF?” or some cheeky phrase to that effect.

I found some on cafe press, but they’re seventeen dollars plus shipping for a pack of ten. I only want one.

Anyone have any ideas where I might find something like this?


I know I could just design and print one myself, but in this particular instance, it’s important for my purposes that this be a predesigned, mass-printed greeting card.

Why abbreviate? This card spells it out in full.

Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the description at the link. “This card is all like ‘What the Fuck?’” :smiley:

Unfortunately, I have already taken alternate means to effect the communicative act I was trying to construct, so I will not be able to use the card you’ve found. I need to go make someone else unreasonably and unpredictably angry so I can use it.