Need help with a blank card for a shower

I bought a card withthis picture on the front for a bridal shower. The wording on the front is: “Being ever mindful not to steal the spotlight, the bridesmaids decide on a simple yet classic look”.

It is for the shower of a co-worker and friend, in her early 20’s, with a wicked and raunchy sense of humor, but who is also a sweet and intelligent 2nd grade teacher. The card is from all of us at work. But it’s blank inside, and I’m having writer’s block. I need a one or two sentence comment for the inside, perhaps something relating to the fact that soon all the wedding craziness will be over, or referring to the possiblity of naked girls at the reception if this is anything like the parties at college, or something!

So if you’ve ever wanted to be a greeting card writer, now’s your chance! Pen me a few lines to make this card the hit of the shower!

Um, since the image is the punchline, I don’t know what addition would help.

Oh, well, I’m no comedy writer, anyway.

“Groomsmen are expected to follow suit”

“It was a misunderstanding. The attendants thought the bride said she looked forward to being nudely married.”

“The father of the bride is said to be excited about the bouquet toss”

These are great! Keep 'em coming!

Sadly, they were hugely embarrassed when they realized it was not a Traditional Betazed Wedding.

(OK, this only works if she’s a Star Trek fan.)

Hmmm. these are good, esp. the last! but my co-workers are a bit humor challenged, and one has never seen Star Trek, so I don’t know how they’ll will fly, but thanks so much for helping! The shower isn’t until tomorrow, so if anyone else gets creative, go on and post! I’ll let you know Sunday night or Monday what we went with.