Looking for good animal (cat) Web sites

I am the editor of my animal shelter’s upcoming newsletter, and I might want to do a feature on good cat- or animal-related Web sites. Anyone have any they recommend? I already thought of the following:

Dumb Friends www.ddfl.org/tips.htm
Humane Society of the United States www.hsus.org
Amazing Cat Collection www.amazingcatcollection.com
Cute Overload www.cuteoverload.com
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary www.bestfriends.org
Friends of Animals www.friendsofanimals.org
Cummings Veterinary School at Tufts University http://vet.tufts.edu
ASCII Cat Pictures www.misterharold.net/joker/src/jkcatasc.htm
More ASCII www.bornsquishy.com/flump/cats&dogs.html
American Veterinary Medical Association www.avma.org
Cat genetics www.fanciers.com/other-faqs/color-genetics.html

We are a cat shelter, so sites relating to either cats or all animals (including cats) are good; sites that specifically exclude cats (such as an all-dogs site) are not going to work. They can be serious or funny but nothing fanatical, disreputable, or nutty-sounding. Also, sites for other shelters - unless they have a broad reach of information (such as Best Friends) - are not so good either, for obvious reasons.

Post if you can think of anything! Thanks.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association site has some good information on cat health/cat care. (I also enjoy reading about the different breeds and figuring out what combinations my girls might be.)

The three big ones that I see left off are:

I’m not sure they all fit your criteria, but they probably do.

Great idea for an article!



The Infinite Cat Project

Good ones so far! Keep 'em coming.

Maastrict, messybeast doesn’t work - do you know if it’s just down or is it in construction?

It appears to be down. Shame – it’s a huge wealth of cat-related info.