Cat People, Can You Help?

Hi there! My daughter is obsessed with kitties. I’ve been trying to find some good sites, with lots of pictures of kitties, but I’m not having a whole lot of luck (any combination I type in seems to bring in a gozillion porn sites). Anyone out there in TMland have any good sites? Thanks a bunch!

Here’s a good one:

I got all my cat graphics from here, and they’ve got cat info, and are part of a cat web ring. It’s a start, anyway :slight_smile:

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Get her a subscription to one of the cat monthlies: Cats, Cat Fancy, etc. You can find 'em at any bigger Barnes & Noble.

The Cat Fanciers web site is:
good information site.

Try Rem & Sidney They have links, webrings and a discussion forum (uses UBB software) among other things.

Would she like a kitten?

I’m having a cow!

DON’T let her go to NOT a cat site.

Here’s a really cute site with lots of pics and music:

Madame Alto’s Cat House (a real cat site, despite the name!)


Frank, thanks for the offer, but we’ve already got a cat, plus a baby ( a real human baby) on the way.

And Joe, you deve… :wink: