Looking for information on the "Little Chef" oven.

I was cleaning out the attic of my Mothers house when I found a Little Chef oven. This is the same house I grew up in, but I’ve never, ever seen this thing before. My sisters say it was not theirs and they’ve never seen it before either. My Ma has no idea where it came from, but I’m thinking maybe it was hers when she was a kid.

My internet search provided minimal info. Mostly that it may be from the late 30’s/early 40’s, strengthening my theory it may have been my Mothers as a kid, even if she doesn’t remember it.

It’s kind of the size of an easy Bake Oven but man, it doesn’t use a light bulb.

It’s more like a Hot plate shaped into a toy.

When plugged in the top part got hotter than a mutha fugger. I’m not exaggerating, this sonavabitch got really, REALLY, REALLY HOT!!!

Other than to give little girls severe burns I’m not sure what the manufacturers of this thing intended it for.

What I want to know is:

*Who made this thing?
*What year(s) was it made in
*What was it’s intent? The oven part doesn’t heat up, only the top metal part.

Made by Tacoma Metal Products, started making them in 1945 and apparently only the deluxe version heated up.

Here’s some info:


Also, there’s a few for sale on ebay.

Outstanding. Thank you so much.

BTW, there is no way I’d let my Ma sell this thing. Not for any price. I’m not kidding when I tell you how hot this sucker got when plugged in. I’m cutting the cord off of it and having the metal destroyed. I wouldn’t even give this thing to an adult.

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I’m sorry, but this is one of the funnier threads I’ve read in a while. Like a Mad-TV sendup of “Antiques Roadshow”.

I don’t have any doubt you can dispose of the item, but I don’t think your reasons actually make any sense. (And while I have trouble interpreting through your asterisk party it looks like you had a major freak out over virtually nothing, by the way.)

I can see being hesitant to sell it or give it away as a toy, due to the fact it gets so hot. But “destroy the metal”, how exactly is the metal so dangerous it needs to be “destroyed?”


To each of you for personal insults in General Questions.

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