Looking for Links (Gems of the Net)

I’ve been looking for anything stellar. If anyone has any of their own to contribute it would be much appriciated. Anything goes. Thanks :smiley:

Everything 2 - http://www.everything2.com
If you don’t know what this is you must be living in a cardboard box somewhere. Or Utah.
It’s a node-matrix managed and ever-expanding by a massive online community who’s goals are to node EVERYTHING. A massive network of knowledge. Fun to explore. Please check it out.

Fusion Anomaly - http://www.fusionanomaly.net
A node-matrix comparable to Wiki and Everything2. Which is amazing because those networks are all so content explosive an this is built and maintained entirely by one guy. Nice visuals. Great blog too.

Twenty Questions - http://www.20q.net
An AI made for the game 20 questions. You pick the itea and it asks the questions. Has astounding accuracy. Give it a try.

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music - http://www.di.fm/edmguide/edmguide.html
An amazing comprehensive music guide. It’s exciting to explore the different genres and artists. Anyone into any type of electronic music should definately give this a look.

Organelle - http://www.organelle.org
A large collection of a friend of mine’s writings. He’s gone to some really far out places. Lots of revelatory ideas on planetary evolution, consciousness, and psychology. The Contact article is particularly peculiar.

The Guerrilla News Network (GNN) - http://www.guerrillanews.com/
A great alternative news source for fringe media. Has some excellent video productions, which is probably what it’s know best for.

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension - http://deoxy.org/
The paragon of psychedelic manifestion within the net. Lots of writings, links, and a great community to endlessly stimulate your neocortex.

The Straight Dope - http://www.straightdope.com
Cecil Adams has made amazing ground in his “fight against ignorance” over the years simply by answering people’s questions. An awesome community, that can answer any question you could concieve.

Singularity - http://www.singularity.org/
I consider it rather imperative that those around me are aware of this theory considering it’s projected time-scale and impact that could change our lives forever. It’s rather intangible, but it seems inevitable. Great for discussion.I’d love to hear what thinks of it.

UberNet - http://www.ubernet.org/
UberNet is THE P2P network for all those quality/standard geeks out there. It’s very efficent, has a good amount of alblums, and unfortunantly became somewhat esoteric. Worth mentioning though, one of the few P2Pmusic networks with actual standards. My friends love it.

Newgrounds - http://www.newgrounds.com
THE best site for flash games/movies.

Nethack - http://www.nethack.org
A free dungeon game with ASCII graphics. I thought MUDing was addicting at first, but this could completely warp your soul. Worth a shot is you can tolerate the ASCIIness

Despair - http://www.despair.com/
The Gods of Demotivators in wonderful Poster/Tagline form. Fun to read. I want one!

The Vaults of Erowid - http://www.erowid.org/
A psychedelic powerhouse of information on every substance you would ever consider taking. Definately the one stop spot for facts, pictures, and experiences on psychedelic and shamanic substances.

HowStuffWorks - http://www.howstuffworks.com
I don’t visit it so frequently anymore, but I still think it’s wealth of information is invaluable. Lots of fun mechanics.

H2G2.com - a good place to find out about most anything, but there’s a number of rather odd entries like this one on what to do when attacked by a camel

It -is- fun though.

I also really likethis gem.

The “product” descriptions are magnificent.