Looking for lyrics to song called "God's Train"

Google is no help, so don’t bother.

We’re playing this song on handbells, it’s titled “God’s Train” (“Christian” context, okay?) And the G/A bell sez, there are lyrics to this song, didja know that? And we were all, like, no, we didn’t know that. And the director sez, well, how’s it go? And the G/A bell sez, I dunno, I just know there are lyrics. And the director sez, well, where are the lyrics? And the G/A bell sez, I dunno, but you could look on the Internet, I guess.

So I did. They ain’t there.

Anybody heard of this song?

Actually, I think the G/A bell is F.O.S. (although she’s a nice Church Lady), because the song itself doesn’t seem to have a melody to which one could fit lyrics–the number is all special effects, s’posed to sound like a train.
But I thought I’d ask.

DDG I searched my database of newspapers, and found some hits in the late 40’s/early 50’s for “God’s Train” but no song/lyrics. It seemed to be a concept that wasn’t uncommon at that time.

I’ll keep trying.