Looking for original GiantTarts Sweet Tarts Candies. HELP ME!!!

Like the post said, I’m looking for the original GiantTart Sweet Tart candies.

They were fairly thick 3/8" to 1/2" thick and ONLY came in Grape or Cherry flavor. They were also individually wrapped.

I haven’t seen these for sale in about 15 years. I know they re-released GiantTarts but they were soft and chewy and were Grape, Cherry, Green Apple and Orange flavors. I’m not a fan of these at all.

So does anyone know where I can buy a box or 2 of these?


SweeTarts, one word, capital S, capital T. Here you go, giant standard and giant chewy.

I don’t think that’ll do, those are 4 packs and looks like 4 flavors. I want just the grape and cherry variety.


This isn’t it, is it?


No, those are the little SweeTarts, not the giant ones.

McDeath_the_Mad, just give the other two flavors away and enjoy the grape and cherry ones.

I carved mine into a turtle once!!

Did the chelonian in question not object to this treatment?