Looking for RPG ship map

Hey all. I realize that with the current hubub over sea piracy this might be a bit of a hard stretch (and in a way I hope it is; it makes my incompetency in the area much more palatable), but here’s the deal.

I’m looking for deck plans of a cruise ship. Any cruise ship. These are pretty easy to find, but I have some qualifications. I’m trying to use it as a map for a tabletop RPG, so it needs to be printable. I’d prefer black and white or greyscale, but that can slide. The hardest part? I’d like to have more than just the room list and a few ‘entertainment’ points; I’d like to know where things like the bridge and engineering are, so when my intrepid adventurers go in to save the world, they can plan their attack accordingly.

So, if anyone can help me find something useful for this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Here’s one that I found using a google image search for “floorplan cruise ship”. It’s probably smaller than the one you want, though, and doesn’t show the bridge.

Going back in my memory…

There was a superspy RPG in the 80s, Top Secret, that had a module set on a cruise ship. Maybe you can find the module map to this out there somewhere?

“TS003 - Lady In Distress. Mike Carr (1982)”

Actually the reason I asked for the map is I plan on running an adventure based specifically on Lady In Distress!
I’ll search around for it. The one linked by Grumman seems a bit small for a cruise ship, but it’ll work if I can’t find others. Thanks much for the help!

go to travelocity, and go to the cruise page, they have a link somewhere that is for all the cruise lines they service… clicky until you find one big enough. I know carnival and princess both have ginormous vessels.

Hm. What you want is D20 Modern’s Critical Locations, in generic. Let’s see if it has a cruise ship in it… Nope. Luxury Yacht, but not Cruise Ship.
Handy book, though.

The last one still works. The first two appear to have vanished. Poking with a stick now.

http://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/Oceania/Regatta.php This seems… functional!