Looking for software

I tried Googling on this, but there are a lot of parameters and I couldn’t get anything that seemed to be what I want.

I am looking for software that combines recipe organization, including ability to:
[ul]download recipes[/ul]
[ul]enter my own recipes[/ul]
[ul]do meal planning[/ul]
[ul]create shopping lists[/ul]
[ul]do nutritional analysis of recipes and/or meals[/ul]
[ul]convert recipes to different number of servings (i.e. figure out the ingredient amounts for 3 people when the original recipe is for 8 people) [/ul]together with food and exercise log, including ability to:
[ul]Enter food eaten, have program translate into calories, fat, sodium, etc. (ideally, tracking only those elements I care about) [/ul]
[ul]Log exercise activities and calories[/ul]
[ul]Track physical parameters like weight, maybe others (I can’t think of any others right now)[/ul]
[ul]Set targets and track progress against targets (optional) [/ul]
[ul]Chart any of this stuff (optional) [/ul]There are lots of programs that do the recipe organization stuff, and lots that do food and exercise logs, but I haven’t been able to find any that do both (or two that work together seamlessly).

Any suggestions? Anyone already have this? Thanking the helpful Dopers in advance.

Try this. I had a hunch and Googled “Recipe Management System.” X Management System seems to be a pretty popular marketing schema.

Ooh, looks nice. This could be the one, and only 20 bucks.

Thanks for the advice on Googling, too. :slight_smile:

As an amusing aside, in the 70s when IBM executives were discussing the potential for a “home computer” the only possible use for it they could think of was for housewives to organize their recipes… :smiley:

Amusing, but completely untrue!
In “the 70s”, IBM was already selling a PC.

In September, 1975 IBM’s Entry Level Systems unit unveiled the IBM 5100 Portable Computer. It is a briefcase-size minicomputer with BASIC, 16 kB RAM expandable to 64 kB, tape storage drive holding 204 kB per tape, keyboard, and built-in 5-inch screen. Price: US $8,975-19,975. Weight: 55 pounds. See IBM’s archives here IBM Archives: IBM 5100 Portable Computer or Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_5100 or IBM 5100 computer.

IBM provided 3 software libraries for the machine (Finance, Statistics, & Math), each containing about 30 programmed routines. And it came with BASIC & APL interpreters for customer-written programs. Certainly more than organizing recipies!

Do you have any reliable cites of “IBM executives” saying any such thing?

Yes, but neither the 5100 nor the 5150 (the IBM PC) were ever intended for home use, but rather small businesses. The ill-conceived PCjr was IBM’s first true “home PC” and its failure only confirmed their executives’ doubts about the market. I’ve read these accounts in several history of PCs books and I think it was mentioned in Cringely’s Triumph of the Computer Nerds.

Great. I think this is the actual website for that software.