Looking for something distracting.

I’m not doing well right now, more so than usual. Mentally that is. It’s all so pathetic and ever so tiring.

I could use some distractions. Something positive, uplifting, musical, and kind of gay would be good. Also weird and ‘WTF was that?’ are welcome too.

Here is sort of what I mean; I keep playing these over and over.

Defying Gravity Storyboards (from Wicked)

(WARNING: NSFW Language and lots of yaoi)
anime munters

I also downloaded Dr Horribleform iTunes.


I believe this is what you’re looking for: the Hide-Penis Dance (NSFW)

This qualifies in several categories, I think:

Overture from Tommy on accordion and drums

The first thing I thought of was the video game “Katamari Damacy.” I was exposed to it over the weekend and… I think it fits most of the OP’s requests.

I know I said “What the FUCK?” a number of times. And laughed.

Cracked.com has tons of good stuff. I think it took me about a week to read all their articles.

Yahoo Answers has lots of stuff too, but lots of crap as well. You’ll find about 1-2 good answers per 100.

If you’re into old video games, shockwave.com has a lot.

I love KD. Only problem is, when you try to explain it to someone who hasn’t played it, it sounds like the dumbest idea for a video game ever.

One word: Boobah.

Just throwing this out there because it occurred to me a couple of months ago and the beautiful simplicity of it amazed me - you can think of ANYTHING you want to. You don’t have to keep on with the same boring old nuisance thoughts - you can think of ANYTHING that interests or amuses you.

Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

Yes! I had a fantastic teacher in HS who said, “Only boring people get bored. I’m never bored because I always have my mind with me.”

One of the earlier viral videos I remember, Yatta! seems to apply.

I think it IS the dumbest idea ever, and yet so entertaining.

WTF was that? It was bizarre, yet entertaining at the same time.

I love this video. It restores my faith in humanity every time I see it: