Looking for web-based universal time calculator

I’m looking for some kind of internet site that will calculate UTC (Coordinated Universal time, which if I understand correctly is the same thing as Zulu Time or Greenwich Mean Time.)

This is for others to use, and the simpler the better – a cluttered or scientific-looking site may scare off my users.

Ideally a user would be able to enter a time (representing a future international conference call), say, “6:00 PM on May 15” and the calculator would spit out “That’s 22:00 UTC on May 15”, accounting for the date change if we move to the other side of midnight.

I’ve googled without satisfaction.


Is this one any good?

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you type in the name of a city it gives you the current time there, and the UTC: http://www.timeanddate.com/

But if you want it to calculate given a time in the future and so on, can you not just teach them to add 5 (mod 24) or whatever? :wink:

Thanks Mangetout, that looks like it’ll work, if I supply a little hand-holding/instruction.


Here you go Sailboat, I wrote you one.

You’re welcome to download that page and use it how you like. You need to amend the javascript variable at the top called “fromutc” to whatever timeshift you’re in, then it should work - understands leap years too!

Beat me to it. The Meeting Planner there is a wonderful tool for arranging teleconferences. If I didn’t have it, I’d have to make an Excel spreadsheet (shudder!).