Looking forward to Tiger Woods 2012

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for Tiger Woods 2012 at Target. I like playing the golf games, probably more then any other, but I don’t pick up the games new. However, when I saw the iconic Masters flag on the cover I had to look twice. For those that don’t know TW12 has Augusta as a playable course. When I saw that I knew I had to have it on release day.

I ended up buying a pre-order from Amazon as they have a $25 gift on a future purchase and shipping of $0.99 to get it on Tuesday. I couldn’t pass that up.

Who else is looking forward to playing Augusta? And if you didn’t know about it will you pick it up now because of Augusta?

Tiger Woods 2009 was the first game I bought for the Wii and frankly the only one I still play. Not really a fan of real-life golf but the video game is great. Can’t imagine what it’s like to play without the motion control but I guess the Wii no longer has a monopoly on that.

Might have to give the new one a look…

I also found out about this a couple of weeks back. It is now the single item on my birthday wish list. Cannot wait!

I saw an article where they had a couple of tour guys play it (or at least people who had actually played Augusta National) and they said it was amazing how accurately they captured it. Amen Corner, here I come!

I’m catching masters fever… i just ordered TW 2012, the PS Eye, and the move golf club… I was able to play some real golf a couple weeks ago but with a Nor’ Easter hitting New England tonight this will probably be my only taste of playing golf for a couple weeks.

I’ve only gotten a chance to play it once. But I got a good round at Augusta with a 70. My putting really sucks though. I hope to play some more this weekend.