Looks like Dollhouse has been officially canceled

From ew.com.

Not much of a surprise, we all knew it was coming. At least Fox is going to show the remaining episodes.

Yea check out Twitter. That’s a pretty huge collective mourning for a show that, according the the Nielsen’s numbers, is the least popular show on network TV.

It is sad that we are losing one of the most challenging shows on TV ever, I’m just waiting for the day the business model will allow for shows like this to be profitable. I know there’s a way.

I did watch it each week, but I confess that I have not really missed it since the hiatus.

I have to say, I didn’t like it much. It made me uncomfortable to watch, which isn’t what I want in my TV entertainment. Though I’m not a Joss Whedon fan, anyway, so that probably doesn’t help.

I didn’t like it much, either.

I loved Firefly, and I’m OK with Buffy. Dollhouse was mildly interesting but not enough to make me want to watch it with any regularity.

Buffy and Firefly are my two favorite shows, and I watched the first season of Dollhouse, but haven’t seen the first episode of the second.

Dollhouse definitely had ups and downs- it’s pretty much the consensus that the first half of S1 was uninteresting at best, but then it picked up.

I’m sorry to see it go, as I’ve actually been jonesing for it the past week, but it did get a fair shot in a second season, so I really can’t get too upset over it. (Same with AD, which got parts of three seasons.)

It’s too bad, in the sense that I wonder where the story would go, and also because some of the actors are so phenomenal and it was fun watching them be other people, as well as themselves.

At the same time, it’s been rocky. The first few episodes were a bucket of suck. And with the second season, I’m feeling a little let down by the inexplicable character actions, such as Paul suddenly using Echo, and Topher’s pretty fast growth of a conscience.

Still, I’d love to read a novel or comic that bridges the gap between the here & now and the time of Epitaph One.

Curse their sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Not a big surprise. The 11th episode is being shot & all 13 will be completed. And reportedly all shown by Fox–starting in December.

When Dollhouse was bad it wasn’t very good, but when it was good it blew the top off my head.

Is it all a bit like Firefly? A great show, if only I could find the episodes that were really great? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but somehow I remember it as great, but when I sit down to watch an episode, I flick through them all and think “nah, they’re all rubbish” :confused:

At the very least though, it’s a chance to see Eliza Dushku running about panting. If there’s more of that past episode 1, I’ll keep watching.

It’s a damn shame, but at least he got enough warning to film a proper finale. I can only expect that every character I love will die in the most tragic of circumstances.


Damn. On the other hand, even if it had been popular, I don’t know that it had enough story in the concept to last more than 3 seasons and still be compelling.

Here’s what I’d like to see next: Take the writing team, take Sierra, Victor, Adele, and Boyle and go make another Internet-only series that’s the equal of Dr. Horrible, where Joss can do what he wants.

The really isn’t a way to make shows no one wants to watch profitable.
In all fairness, the show was pretty terrible.

It doesn’t surprise me. It’s really, really disappointing, though. The show was always at its best when it wasn’t focusing on the imprint of the week thing. The problem is, they kept on going back to it. The first three episodes of this season were pretty much rubbish–the only part that was good was Dr. Saunders messing with Topher. The fourth episode was phenomenal, and, IMHO, could have been the season opener.

Actually, scratch that–open with Epitaph One, go into the most recent episode. There’s no need for the three episodes of exposition. Pick it up with Ballard already being her handler.

…and that’s another thing. Ballard needed to die or something. I like the actor, and I like the character, but Ballard and Boyd fill essentially the same role, and Boyd is a lot more interesting.

Figures. Joss and Fox have such an abusive relationship. “C’mon back, honey. I know we’re putting your show on Friday nights and pre-empting it for baseball, but you can trust me. I’m a changed man, er, network."

The last two episodes shown in season two before the World Series were very good indeed.

You can charge the viewers more for it.

And yet, Uwe Boll continues to make movies.

I say this is for the best.

Whedon needs to find a place where he can have creative freedom. A cable network maybe. Mainstream TV isn’t for him.

I only found it to be watchable with a lot of FF. I’d be glad if Joss could do a show that didn’t feature prostitution prominently. It might help his ratings.