Lord, if You are out there, please deliver me from the 9th Circle of Hell.

My hospital is setting up our Disaster Command Center again. We are expecting another 18" of snow in Baltimore on Monday. I don’t have a link yet, but that’s the word from the bigwigs at my hospital.

This is not possible.

We just bought a new snow blower.

Therefore, any accumulations of over an inch will not occur again this year anywhere within 100 miles of us.

You’re… kidding, right? Right? RIGHT?
Weather.com is saying that we’re going to get snow, but they’re not saying how much. Anyone got a link to a forecast? 'Cause if we get another foot-and-a-half, I’m gonna hafta kill someone. Anyone.

I finally finished my shoveling last night.

This is an excellent link for early info:


I don’t have a link yet, as NOAA’s website says that the predictability is too low (probably too far out in time). I’ll keep watch.

Here’s another good one -


Ok, I’m unemployed and don’t have to go anywhere special if it snows so I’m not stressed out about having to get to work or should I/should I not call out, etc. Actually, it’s sort of nice considering…

But even I am tired of it…

Forty days until Easter. Yesssssssss!!!

Jeez, Louise…now I *want *it to snow more.

From the Washington Times: 8 Md. counties get disaster declaration - Washington Times

Seems that some of the richest counties in MD are qualified for disaster relief funds. The whole time that these people have not dug out yet is that (my) local gov’t says that there is no money in their budget during these difficult financial times for snow clearing. So we’re going to suck off the federal tit now.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Here in the frozen Midwest it was 53 today and it might rain a bit tonight.

5+ inches with possible blizzard conditions are predicted for the DC area Thursday.

The Capital Weather Gang isn’t predicting that much… I hope they’re right!

Is this like when matter meets anti-matter? Forget snow, this could mean the end of the world as we know it.

I’m going from the National Weather Service bulletin (bolding mine):

Snow levels around DC will experience a tight gradient; in and around the capitol will be smaller, more over towards the bay and on the Eastern Shore, much more North and East. I once again suggest the footsforecast website for an excellent map and description of the upcoming storm.

Wind will be a big issue for us in DC. Expect major tree losses with the saturated ground.