Lord of the Rings DVD

How many hours is the extended version on DVD? the one with 4 discs. The one on directv PPV is
about 4 hours. The one premering on
Starz is 3 hours. Is the one on ppv
the same as the extened version on DVD? Isn’t it unusual to be on ppv
and prem in the same month?

The theatrical release of the movie (the version that was included on the first DVD release) was 3 hours. The version included on the most recent DVD release (referred to as the Extended Edition, or EE) has an extra half hour of footage cut back into the movie (as opposed to being a special feature section of deleted scenes to watch separately from the movie).

What you’re probably seeing is that the theatrical release (3 hours) is on Starz, and the new EE version (3.5 hours) which was just released on November 12th is on PPV.