"Lord of the Rings"movie

The trailer for the movie starts playing this frieday before “13 Days” showings. The webstie will be reintroduced on fronday at midnight. Here are more details.

forgive my horrible spelling mistakes, please…

I thought you were posting in some sort of middle earth lingo :wink:

I can’t wait to see this movie. I sooo hope they don’t balls it up.

Adcridit.com has the trailerhere.

Ets olrite, Palmyra. I fourgiv yu.

I’m really looking forward to this one.

Then again, I looked forward to D&D, and we know how well that one went…

<crosses fingers>

[hijack]Palmyra, I don’t suppose you got your secret santa gift?[/hijack]

yes i got it :slight_smile: i was giggling for about an hour, and i was driving too…

I saw it!!!

Mr. Rilch and I went to an early showing of 13 Days to see the LOTR trailer. We stayed for the film, which was also quite good, but we would have paid for The Emperor’s New Groove for the sake of the trailer.

I’m not going to describe it, because they showed very little action, and nothing that revealed if plot points have been changed. It was just the majesty of it. Visually, they seem to have captured it perfectly. This will probably be a career springboard for any cast member who was theretofore unknown or struggling. It will very likely revive Sean Astin and Elijah Wood’s careers, make Viggo Mortensen a name, and make Ian McKellen a god. Just MHO. But see it. See it!

I wish there was a weeping smiley…

That’s the one that’s been out for months on the Internet. I thought the preview now out was different??? Hope so…

Well, was it a different trailer than they’d posted on the internet?

Yes, it was different. What they posted on the net wasn’t a “trailer”, anyway. If AdCritic tells you what they link to is a trailer, they’re either lying or fools, because no movie trailer intercuts director comments and making-of shots with clips from the film. It was a standard movie preview: one voiceover and various shots from the film. It didn’t try to summarize the story, and it wasn’t edited in any astounding way. It was just saying, “This is an immensely popular story, and we’ve made a gorgeous film.” Which they appear to have done! I don’t think, though, that they included any of the shots that were in that teaser ad.

Of it. They’ve made a gorgeous film of it.

If anyone can pull it off Peter Jackson can.

Well said, brother.