lord of the rings; SOMEBODY MAKE VIGGO SHAVE!

I will accept that if he’s a ranger but at least he should wash! And in the second movie even Orlando Bloom got dirty. At that point I would take a bath.

Note to Peter Jackson:

Bathing scene on the DVD!
Bathing scene on the DVD!


(Off topic: non-scruffy Viggo lovers can get an eye-full on “A Walk on the Moon” w/ Diane Lane. Viggo. Waterfall. 'Nuff said.)

Putting on my geek hat …

Ahem. Shouldn’t Aragorn not NEED to shave? It was my understanding that the Numenoreans, like their cousins the Elves, had no facial hair (although there is that stuff about Cirdan having a long beard…). So shouldn’t Aragorn, being the true king, descended with blood unmingled blah blah, be beardless?

I think Viggo looks much better with the stubble, but he does look a bit dirty. I don’t see what harm could be done in taking a bath.

Putting on my geek hat as well…

toadspittle, I believe his blood is mingled with others. Generations have come and gone, and the only way his blood could have stayed pure is if there had been a lot of inbreeding among his family.

Your wrong there. There is nothing to indicate that humans, even part elven ones, cannot have beards. Technically, there isn’t even a reason to think Elves couldn’t have them, as I don’t think Tolkein ever specifically said they could not have them.

Cirdan the Shipwright aside, it’s my impression that Elves are usually beardless, whether by nature or inclination. However, one can’t help notice a lot of Elves sporting five-o’clock shadow in close-ups. (Hobbits too, except for Frodo, who probably doesn’t need to shave every day yet.)

Good for him! If I were king, I would lounge in my royal sweatpants all day and never shaved.

Huh? Frodo is in his 30s or 40s in LOTR, and Elijah Wood is 22 years old.

I had the same minor quibble in the movie but it seemed too nitpicky to point out. Plus I like Scruffy Viggo. Can’t remember where I read this – Lost Tales?. It’s true that Tolkien wrote that Elves & Numenoreans have no beards except I couldn’t remember if this was a JRR Tolkien (canon) or Christopher (not quite canon) point.

I volunteer to lick him clean.

“Elves did not have beards until they entered their third cycle of
life. Nerdanel’s father was exceptional, being only early in his
second.” - Vinyar Tengwar #41.

Unfortuantely I know of no note anywhere that describes what the ‘third cycle of life’ is for an elf.

Now that would be some damn weird slash.

Wait a sec.
Isn’t Boromir, like, dead?

Even weirder slash.

Amanita you and I think WAY too much alike.

I’m not a fan of men with longish hair and the unbathed look…

but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Those two made showers look highly overrated.

If Viggo as a man wants to shave then so be it, more power to him!, can Viggo as Aragorn shave? NO!!! Think about it, there out there as part of a Fellowhip in FOTR rying to get the ring to Mt. Doom, IN TT hes trying to save two hobbits from a host of Orcs, and then to defeat an army at Helms Deep, and in ROTK he has a whole load of things to do, if you read the book you know what I mean. Where is he going to get time to shave?! Seriously Id have problems believeing him as a character if he was immaculate throughout the entire journey… think about it…

Damn wasnt finished…
Miller, Frodo is in his 30s, but they only become men at 33, Bilbos party was also to celebrate Frodos coming of age, thats probably why they have no beards… But then in saying that, none of the hobbits even at the start of the movie had beards… maybe its cos they have hairy feet instead? :smiley:

I think Viggo looked just fine the way he was, but if you insist on having him bathed, I suppose I’ll be willing to make the sacrifice and volunteer to bathe him. No need to thank me.

Hobbits don’t have facial hair.

And re. Hobbit ages*:
Frodo is 50 (yes, 50), which roughly corresponds to late 30’s in human terms, but he looks much younger due to the effects of the Ring. Merry and Sam are both in their mid-thirties, roughly equivalent to human mid-twenties. Pippin is (IIRC) 27 or 28, roughly equivalent to human late teens.

*(This is book canon. The movie compresses time considerably, so Movie-Frodo is probably only a little older than the other Hobbits.)

c_carol, read the chapter ‘Concerning Hobbits’. The paragraph starting with “Twelve more years passed”. That paragraph goes onto explain the double reasoning for the party. It also says he was 33.

I realise that he didnt set out on his journey until maybe 2 years after this date which would make him 35, where does the 50 come into it?