lord of the rings; SOMEBODY MAKE VIGGO SHAVE!

PLEASE post problems with Lord of the Rings (movies) like why can’t Aragorn shave, he’s got a knife on him!

He should get a haircut too, the puff.

I saw Viggo shaved in a movie promo for some horse movie and spent the first 2/3 of it trying to figure out who he was.

Bottom line, he doesn’t look right sans beard.

Besides, why shave when you’re just a rugged woodsman, out being rugged? Shaving’s a huge pain to begin with and no one cares what a ranger looks like.

Can we at least get him to bathe? I mean, he’s IN the river at a few points–you’d think he’d shake his head around under the water or something. Ick.

No! I like the beard. Viggo just doesn’t look right without it. Aragorn does need to bathe a bit more often though. I saw some of the new pictures from ROTK and wondered why his hair looked kind of strange in a couple of them until I realised that it was just clean.

NO! No, no, no!!

He must remain scruffy! He looks better with the scruff! He can bathe, in fact he looks better cleaned up a bit, but he just doesn’t look right clean-shaven.

You are worried about him shaving his face? first thing i would do if i was a HOBBIT would shave the nasty hair off my feet and get a pedicure…so u should worry more about the hobbits hairy appearance ! I think vigo looks sexy with a stubble anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Shaving is for chumps. And Aragorn is no chump. SolGrundy has spoken.

Shaving no. It works for him.

But yes, Aragorn should bathe more.
And the bath scene should be in the extended edition DVD.
Come to think of it, Legolas could also use a bath scene or two.

I think he looks… juuuuust… fine… the way he is. But if he wants to bathe in some mountain pool, on camera, at length, well, I guess that’s his choice.

Aragorn will shave, trust me. When he returns as the King, he’ll be clean, shaved, dressed up… A nonce, basically.

You’re right Priceguy. I liked him better when he was underground, and authentic. But then he sold out, went all commercial and sided with the Establishment.

Somewhere in the middle of The Two Towers, I realized that Gollum probably bathes more (or at least gets in the water more) than the whole rest of the cast put together.

Mr. Manly Stubble can keep the stubble, but more frequent washing would be good. I always think he looks nicest all cleaned up, reading in the library at Rivendell and making Serious Eye Contact with Boromir.

The poster for ROTK make him look reasonably clean, but unshaven. Which is fine with me. Although several bath scenes could be okay.

I guy could make a bundle waxing feet in the Shire if he had a strong stomach.

Hey, he’s a backwoods ranger! You ever shaved and bathed regualrly while trying to save the world from the forces of evil?

Sherlock Holmes had a child bring him clean collars while hiding out on the moor in Hound of the Baskervilles, and Basil Rathbone didn’t get paid near as much as Mr. Scruffy, Smart Guy.

Supposedly Viggo rarely bathed during filming and kept wearing the same outfit all throughout so he could get more into character as the rugged outdoorsman. I’m sure his costars enjoyed the ambience.

He also insisted his horse be with him at all times, even off-camera. I imagine the film crews had fun stepping around all the horse apples while filming the Moria scenes.

I’m in the stubble-retention camp. Not every man looks good in stubble, but Viggo makes shaving seem obscene.

Oh, and ditto on adding a bathing scene to ROTK.

I don’t think so. I’ve been reading TORN pretty religiously, and the only thing Viggo kept with him at all times was his sword. He’s barely ever on a horse.