Loss of [bladder] Control [due to tickling]?

**Ok, in lite of a similar in topic question it made me think of this inquiry. While witnessing this occurrence to females and not of the male persuasion including myself, is it possible for a man or male to be tickled to the point of bladder control loss as in peeing?
I have heard conflicting theories on this and really need/want to know for sure and what it will take to make that happen if indeed it could.



It is possible, but more common in women. Some women also have some trouble with urination during sex, jumping, and other bouncy activities.

Age, health and history of surgery and disease also are factors.

Google: men lose control bladder laughing

anything that causes prolonged hypoxia could cause loss of bladder control, in men or women. It can occur before consciousness is lost.

I can speak from personal experience that your user name terrifies me. Tickling can lead to some very bad scenarios for people that are sensitive to it. It interferes badly with my breathing and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it could make me pass out completely if it went on too long. I think I only wet myself as a small child from it from sadistic relatives who thought that my laughing thought it was funny. People in high school knew how ticklish I was under my arm and the person sitting behind me would reach in as a “joke” and cause papers to fly. It once caused me to flip over my desk and hit my head on the floor. It can be a form of torture that overloads your nervous system and I never tickle anyone, especially my own kids, because it might be cruel to them.

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Well into my mid teens I would lose bladder control if I laughed too much. Tickling would have the same effect, luckily the only person who was likely to tickle me (my mother) was aware of the problem and didn’t torture me with it.

I’m not sure if I’ve gained better bladder control (it’s pretty good, I can stop mid flow with no trouble at all) or if I just don’t let myself get into those hysterical laughter situations anymore.

P.S. I’m male.