Lost 4.08: "Meet Kevin Johnson"

There are screencaps over at Lostpedia–although a lot of people there are saying it’s a forced perspective / doesn’t mean anything. Because the only kid-sized person we know is Walt, and surely a) someone (let alone Michael–unless he was detained! Dun dun dun!) would show up to his funeral, and b) Kate wouldn’t be so indifferent.

My guess is either Michael or Locke (or maybe Sawyer, if he ended up on the run again and pissed Kate off and Jack found out about his death somehow).

My guess/speculation is still that it is Ben in the coffin. We know he got off the Island thanks to Sayid’s flash-forward.

Some people are speculating that the flash-forwards are being shown in reverse order, with the one at the end of season 3 being the furtherest in the future from their time on the Island and each subsequent flash-forward being closer to the time of their “escape”. For example, this latest one is obviously earlier than the last flash-forward with Hurley (since he isn’t in the institute) and that one was obviously before the one at the end of season 3 (since Jack was still stable and didn’t have a beard).

This one was only about 6 - 7 months from the “current” time on the Island since Sun was just having her baby, so we are getting closer to having the two timelines meet.

I will be very impressed if the writers were forward-thinking enough to have some of the scenes for the episode shot before the actor playing Walt grew.

Just popping in after the first commercial to say I’m loving this episode so far.

I forgot it was on and turned it on 20 minutes in! Arrgghhgghhhh!

Figured the boyfriend would get it after I saw the look Ben gave him.

I guessing Ben arranged for Alex’s party to be ambushed to get rid of Carl and momma.

Noooooooooo!!! Want her back!!!* Shakes fist in impotence…* :mad:

Carl I guessed.

Danielle I was surprised about.

As if Alex didn’t go through enough already! To watch her boyfriend & mother killed right in front of her… :frowning:

Awesome episode though!

Wow. That was indeed a great episode. But I’m a bit confused about who the good and bad guys are - unlike Sayid, who just Acts-who-needs-to-stop-and-think. While Desmond looks to be stuck on the intel that Pappy Widmore is involved.

I’m liking Miles more and more.

Sad to see Rousseau and the boyfriend die.

Favorite line - Michael saying he was on the boat to die.

Me too. And I think his invisible friends will help him get back a Locke somehow.

We don’t know Rousseau is dead yet. People take a lot of killing on this Island.

Wow. Mr. Friendly is… uh… really friendly. :smiley:

Rousseau! They can’t do that! She was cool! I swear the writers promised us backstory! Rousseau! cries (Karl, eh, whatever.)

I love how Sayid acted off his nut and Desmond had maybe two lines on the freighter. :rolleyes:

Rousseau’s was one of the best death scenes ever, I think.

“I love you! One…two…three…” poof

Neato :slight_smile:

Outing Tom/Mr. Friendly helped clear up a niggling detail I had since the start of Season 3. If you recall, this was the first episode when Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were taken back to the Others’ camp. Tom brought new clothes in for Kate to change, and Kate asked “Why, so you can watch me change?” To which Tom replied with a chuckle “You’re not my type.”

I asked at the time “What man isn’t Evangeline Lilly’s type?” Makes perfect sense now…

Sayid once again shows that he’s the smartest man on (or off) the island. “So, after killing a few of us, you’re again working for Ben?” Yeah, I think I’d march him off to the cap’n too. Yeah, yeah. Something’s obviously rotten on that ship, but still, as opposed to siding with Ben and his killer lap dog?

Can someone remind me… Did Mr. Friendly die in a previous episode?

Also, it seems we have contradicting statements about who faked the crash of Flight 815, but I’d have to say that Widmore probably faked it. Friendly had pictures of the dup-up graves and relevant documents. Sure they could have been faked, but to what end?

Also, the fact that Sayid ends up working for Ben is more evidence that Widmore=Bad, Linus=Good.

The biggest question I have (because it verges on the paranormal) is how the Island prevents Michael from dying? How does the Island jam a gun?

Finally, I wonder if the watch will make a re-appearance. Perhaps it has more significance (it was going to be delivered by Jin to a man in America. Maybe because of the inscription, it will find its way to him).

One more random thought…

I really like how the writers continue to fool us into thinking flashbacks are flash forwards and vice versa.

In the beginning of the episode I was trying to decide which it was. I saw old cars, but then I figured the writers were trying to throw me off balance. When I saw Michael gazing at Walt’s baby picture and the crash scene, I briefly thought that’s how Michael had gotten all banged up (before going to visit Walt’s mom) but I think in that instance he got hit by a car.

Anyway, even though we are always looking for clues, I think the writers are doing an admirable job in keeping the exact time sequence a mystery for several minutes.

Plus, I don’t think anyone suspected the people that would die this episode would be Carl and (possibly) Russeau.

They killed Karl! You bastards!

That kind of ruined the whole episode for me.

Danielle is more ambiguous, I’m hoping she survives. I believe we were promised a flashback at some point. I would say there’s hope for Karl since he was shot in the lung and not the heart (usually tv shows specify left side=really dead and right side=ambiguously dead) if not for the glaring promos of “someone will die!”. Feh.

But otherwise…

I was surprised at the remarkable amount of straight forwardness and revelation in this episode. I knew Cynthia Watros was making an appearance but I couldn’t imagine how.

I was thinking OK, they have Walt hidden away with his grandmother so they don’t have to show how old he is. But then window shot! And he looks the right age. Weird… I had heard that in the episode where they left the island that a little more had been filmed showing them more unambiguously escaping. I was hoping they’d use some of that previously unseen footage.

Now we know Michael is the saboteur. I was wondering if he was somehow causing the weird cabin fever too but I guess that’s just the island.

Hmm, the Temple is marked on Ben’s map as a Dharma station! I had figured it would instead be of the ruins/four toes statue era.

Clearing up the Mr Friendly sexuality issue was fun, altho somewhat creepy. Would be nice to have some GLBT action on the castaway side. Altho I swear I’m getting a vibe from Miles.

I liked Ben’s take on why he’s a good guy.

The whole list thing was interesting too. Does he pick who is innocent or does he ask Jacob? Are the innocent ones who get spared the same ones who would be eligable to join the others? It looks like they got all the Tailies they wanted - but Ethan’s death interrupted their listmaking of the fuselagers. Who in our main cast would have ended up being on Jacob’s list? We know not Kate, Jack, or Sawyer. Locke? Michael? Aaron?

I was shocked at what Sayid did. I guess for Sayid, anything Ben or Michael do are automatically bad. All that matters is that Michael betrayed them and is working for Ben, it doesn’t matter to him that he’s trying to protect his friends now. I can understand Sayid’s emotional response to Michael’s return, but I can’t figure out what pragmatically speaking he hoped to accomplish by turning Michael into the Captain.

Was Locke’s failure to mention the money really just an oversight or was he keeping secrets?

Who shot Karl??? Was it a Ben set up? Was it Lapidus and the NRA? The other Freighties? A Castaway? Letmeatem!!!