LOST ballroom dancing video?

I was watching some clip-show on TV the other day (forget which one) and it showed just a snippet of a promotonal video for Lost. It had the entire cast on the beach ballroom dancing! They were wearing tattered formalwear and swaning about and seemed to be having a wonderful time. Kate was dancing with Sawyer and Jin was dipping Sun. They showed a smiling Locke in a shabby tuxedo. It all happened so quickly that I only got an impression of who was in it. It was mentioned as the clip aired that the full version was available on the internet but I have been unable to find it. Anyone heard of this?


So, was that the commercial for the official Lost perfume?

Eau De Lackofhygieneforareallylongtime :eek:

A longer and higher-quality version of the trailer (which is for the upcoming UK broadcast of Lost) can be found here (12MB mpg file).

Oh thank you, thank you. Now I can spend the summer analyzing the video for non-existant clues to future plot developments. :slight_smile:

Like Locke orchestrating the whole thing ? :wink:

Oh yeah. I saw that one yesterday. Weird promotional thing for the BBC.

Anyway, if I may toss out another random piece of “Lost” news, the new season starts on Sept 21. Which just gives me two weeks to watch all of season 1 over again on DVD (comes out Sept. 6). Plus all the special features. Where will I get the time??

Call in sick to work? I will if you will. :wink:

We can organize an official Lost-out. I’m in. :slight_smile:


Nope - CHannel Four, that’s the big number Four you see at the end of the clip :smack: . Channle four and it’s satellite sister E4 are responsible for bringing a lot of ‘quality’ US TV to the UK.
They gave us Hill STreet Blues, St Elsewhere, Northern Exposure, Thirtysomething, Cheers … ER, Freinds, Wille & Grace, THe Sopranos, Desperate Housewives, Six Feet Under etc. etc.