Lost time in Cyberland--Should I be celebrating?

Sometime in the recent past I passed the 4000 mark here. I was reminded of it as I hit the “Back” arrow after keying in most of a post I’ll never send and I realized that I’d have gotten to this point even sooner if I had done that less. (Yes, there is stuff that is too stupid even for ME to post.)

Since we could all use a party, the cooler is full of Pete’s Wicked Summer Ale and the fridge and pantry have all your favorite appetizers. Make yourself at home.

Might as well. I hit 1000 sometime during this summer but have no idea when.

::heads for the pantry::

Of course you should celebrate, drop! We can have a joint party. Congrats on hitting 4k, and I’m glad to have met you. Here’s to 4k more.

Sure I hit two thousand yesterday but nobody noticed…I just happened to notice this morning when I made post 2001 and suddenly out of nowhere I heard the strains of “Thus Spake Zarathustra”…

Happy belated post 4K Dave…Keith

Someone say joint?

QUOTE]*Originally posted by Delta-9 *
Someone say joint?

Let’s combine the two!

Dave? Dave’s not here!

Happy 2k, Odie-Cologne!

Thank you, Rasa and Jeff (who spells it right–“EN” :wink: )!

Quit bogarting that, Delta!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my time here, the friends I’ve made, the events I’ve witnessed. Then I forgot it all.

Toss me a beer.

grabs a beer, tosses it to dropzone
awww, around you cough cough[sub]overachievers[/sub] i feel so lonely… :smiley:
still, at least this post will put me on the way to thousands more (i hope)
wanders off to join Jeff in the pantry

It’s called “obsessive behavior.” :wink: