:: Knock Knock Knock ::

HEY! You Lobsang? Cool. Thought you’d have been taller…oh well, no matter. Inigo Montoya here. What? Yeah, from The Straight Dope boards? Yes, that’s right. A bunch of us Dopers decided to visit for a Lord of the Rings TV party. Yours seemed like the natural setting…quite a, er, nice little island you got here. :rolleyes:

:: rolls a large steel beer keg through front door ::

Hey man, can you give me a hand with this? Yeah, just roll it right over there by the sofa. I had packed a keg of the good stuff from a Colorado microbrewery but the customs guys went through my trunk in Heathrow and confiscated the lot. Bastards. You got any ice?

:: enters the dwelling wearing rucksack & carrying a large steel washtub ::

Hey, I hope you don’t mind my just popping in like this I just…

:: Another knock on the door ::

enters, a tall, willowy Elf-queen bearing bags of chips and bottles of soft drinks

Am I late for the party??

I also brought some lembas and miruvor…

I also killed the thread.


[Pippin] It’s not dead! IT’S NOT DEAD! [/Pippin]
:: stops Kythereia from dousing herself in highly flammable miruvor ::

Every thread dies. Not every thread truly lives. :wink: Give it time. Lobsang’s on a later schedule, as I recall…


stops herself from jumping off the cliff on fire a la Denethor

:: knocks on the door and opens it ::

You haven’t started the movie yet have you? Good!

:: brings in a huge can of flavored popcorn, and fluffs up her red beanbag chair ::

knocks on door

Hey, who ordered all of these fireworks?

I dunno–check to see if they have any runes on them, look for the ‘G’ symbol. :slight_smile:

Who wants some coneys and taters, Samwise-style?

Hey Elf-queen, did you remember to bring the beer tap of Earendil? Anyone here ever tapped a keg of warm Guinness?

Got it right here, Inigo!

blinding light

Whoops, Light of Earendil. My bad. Here you go, one genuine Beer-Tap of Earendil…

:another knock: Cool. I think we need mulled wine. Don’t worry, Lobsang, I’m not shy about using other people’s kitchens. Do you have a biggish pot that you don’t mind me getting wine stains on? Great.

Anyone want to order pizza?

:heads off to kitchen"

:knocks on door:

Hey, Lissa, can I help? I always like to learn new things!

:follows **Lissa ** into the kitchen:

Hey, there! I think, to do this right, we need to cook that rabbit stew over an open fire. I’ll just go out back and see if he’s got a fire pit in his back yard…

… nope. Anybody know where he keeps the shovel?

Here’s an old-looking tray I found in that glass cabinet by the kitchen…should work fine as a shovel. I’ll go see if I can get a rabbit.

:: knocks on the door ::

Hola everyone! I brought Balrog Stew!

Ok, found a rabbit hole but the little guy won’t come out. Aha…

:: grabs a couple big fireworks ::
…be right back.

Okay, now I need some rocks to put around the fire pit, and we’ll need some paper, matches, kindling, and something that’ll burn for a while.

Hey, anybody got any marshmallows?

:: from outside ::


I will go gather some wood.

:: starts searching around and sees the neighbors wooden fence ::

I wonder if they would mind if we used a few boards, it’s for a good cause and they join the party later!