Party at Quicksilver's place!!!!

Inigo is leafing through the salvage database at work. Locates a recovered stolen vehicle–a 1998 Porsche 911 turbo–with no damage. Logs out for the day & heads on over to the salvage yard

Inigo: Hey salvage yard lady, My name is Inigo Montoya, I am a representative from The Very Large Insurance Company of America. I need to collect stock item number 7337663 and deliver it to the original owner. Yes, I’ll need the keys. Thank you, you’re beautiful, but I’m sure your boyfriend tells you that all the time. Oh, is that right? That’s a shame…say, want to go to a party? It’s a bit of a drive from here so we’d need to leave, like, now. Great. I’ll meet you downstairs.


“No it’s not really grand theft auto…because we’re not stealing it. It belongs to my employer now and I am on official business in the company’s car.”




Quicksilver: uh yeah?
Inigo: Dude! Put some clothes on, there’s a party about to happen!
Quicksilver: Uh, cool. I guess…what’s that got to do with me?
Inigo: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. That’s my black Porsche. Prepare to drive.

::Off to the liquor store with an expense account card in the name of The Very Large Insurance Company of America::

Later, at Quicksilver’s place

This is April by the way. She’s unattached. * nudge * nudge *

Which keg should we tap first?

The Sierra Nevada…duh!

Remember, quaffing means it gets in your ears. :smiley:

knock knockity knock knock

Inigo opens the door

The Weird One is standing on the front porch, homebrew and Homebrew in hand

WeirdO: Can we come to the party?
Inigo: You’re stalking me, aren’t you?
WeirdO: Yeah, but I have homemade sassafras ale. It’s like boozy root beer!
Ingio: Well, in that case, come on in!
WeirdO: WOO!! PAR-TAY!

a few beers later

WeirdO: Hey, Quicksliver, hic you can tap this keg anytime. hic Oh, did I mention that this sassafras hic ale is 7.5%?

Fucking hell! YOu guys ROCK!

The booze is on me. Here’s the keys to the liquor cabinet.

That bottle of greek brandy is from my honeymoon. Let’s drink that first!

giggle hic geek brandy hic giggle

bangs on door

Hey, is this where the party’s at? I brought some stuff for us non-beer drinkers! brandishes several bottles of mead Also, I brought Kythereia

*unwisely, faints *

*nudges *Inigo ** with her toe, then steps on him I’m not performing mouth-to-mout, as you obviously hope. This is **Quickie’s ** party, ain’t it?

Right… if anybody is getting any mouth to mouth around here, it’ll be me.

Now who’s certified? :dubious:

Who want’s to be certified? :smiley:
Inigo, get off the floor and get back to tending bar.

sneaking around the back of the house, trying to find an open door since that’s so much more fun than knocking for goodness sake

OUCH, struck in the head by an empty bottle of mead, tossed from the upstairs window

Hey, everybody! I brought PIE!

yells Hey, since **Inigo’s ** fainted, let’s strip him naked and put him outside! And paint on him!

Sorry bus guy, that was me!

As I urgently get up, and run to the front door to avoid having to see the naked, painted Inigo.

Ooo, I can paint good! hic Heyyy, did I ever tell ya about that time in college I watched two lesbians finger-painting each other? Aw, man, art school was the hic best! Where’s the paints?

arrives a few seconds later, wearing a smile and not a whole lot else And I brought the bubbly–

trips over the Inigo :eek: Ana, what’d you do to him and why is he painted bright greenand purple?

No paints, let’s use grape juice! And ketchup, and mustard!

Awesome, Dude! ::I pull out the Grand Mariner, and begin to make brownies with the liqour as a water subsitute.::

Brownies are served!

::I ignore the fact that I accidentally left the kitchen burning, and that the back half of the house is almost burnt down, by now.::

Got any use for this packet of 8-Color Giant Sharpie Markers?

These are specia;…let’s doodle on **Inigo’s ** *face * with these.

Doodley-do, doodley-do!