LOTR: ROTK ratings

PG-13 (in the US), No surpise since that is what PJ had to get.
But here are the disclaimers
FOTR: Epic battle sequences and some scary images
TT: Epic battle sequences and scary images
ROTK: Intense epic battle sequences and frightening images

So the battles are now intense and epic instead of just epic (no surpise)
And the images have gone from “some scary” to “scary” to “frightening”


Oooh, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. Guess I’ll skip this one.

I’m still taking my 7 year old son to see it.

There is a very large and ravenous creepy-crawlie in the story, as well as much larger battles, so I think the upgrade in warnings is needed. At least, I surely hope so.

Hmmmm -

Do you think they’ll show the orcs catapulting the heads of slain Gondorian warriors into Minas Tirith?

That would ratchet up the gruesome factor a bit.

I’ll be there Wednesday, December 17th. :smiley:

I’m taking the day off just so I can see it. :smiley:

pugluvr – I’ve read that that’s in. I’m glad they’re not pulling punches, really. shudder