Lots of Questions about the Automotive Service Excellence tests

I would like to take the Automotive Service Excellence tests, and I have found some books on the subject on Amazon.

ASE Certification Test Prep - Car/Light Truck Study Guide Package A1-A9 (Motor Age Training) Spiral-bound – January 1, 2018; Link

Of course these books are expensive and I want to know if they are worth buying. Also, I want to know if there are better books, because these are not getting rave reviews. How can I get these books in digital form? Can anyone advise me please? Thanks in advance.

What is the source of these materials? What I mean is, your link says they are ASE study guides, but how did you come to them? Was it through the ASE directly, or through some other route? Your linked amazon page doesn’t make it clear that they are ASE endorsed books or not.

I used the books on Amazon that are published by Delmar with a green cover. I went through each book twice and took all the sample tests. The books helped me pass all of the exams on the first attempt except automatic transmission. I had to take that one twice.

There’s also an app on iPhone called something like “ASE pocket prep”. It isn’t free, but it’s really helpful and has tons of test questions.

Have you read and/or studied with these books? Did they help you pass the ASE? Was the material useful at all?

Thanks for reminding me about the Delmar books. I have seen them too. They are getting better reviews (not perfect, but better) than the Motor Age books.

Are these books available in digital form?