Lotus WordPro question

I loaded Lotus Suite to a new computer. Was fooling around with user setup, and somehow ended up with a full page on the screen with no menu bar, icons or anything else.

Could not even close it as no X on top, nothing when right clicked, etc. Had to End Task to close the thing.

Uninstalled it, deleted all the folders, files, etc and reinstalled. When opened it, same damned thing all over again.

Anybody have an idea how to fix this?

I wonder if there’s some residual info left in the registry? That might explain why the full screen mode returns after a uninstall/re-install.

I don’t think there is anything inthe registry that can help. IIRC I had this in Win 3.1 or 3.11, there was a key combo which solved this.
Also Wordpro needed to have a box checked, or unchecked to print properly IIRC.

You got it, Blue. After posting this, uninstalled it again and went to the Registry and searched just for “wordpro” and found and deleted a whole mess of them.

Then when reinstalled, everything was fine.

I can’t believe how many stupid programs don’t fix the Registry when they uninstall, even though it says they are doing it!

In fact, it is really a rare programmer that gets this right, alas.

Anyhoo, all’s well now.