Louise Brooks Joke on the Simpsons

Did anyone else laugh at Mr. Burns’ Louise Brooks joke on tonight’s Simpsons? I believe it went “Our profit magins are thiner than Louise Brooks’ negligee”. Burns goofed when he said Louise was the silent film star who was in the movie “Lulu”. Lulu was the character Louise played in G.W. Pabst’s “Pandora’s Box”.

If you can guess which live version of “Run Like an Antelope” they were using for Phish’s performance, you can send it to phish.com. First 10 correct guesses get a free t-shirt.

“I smell marijuana smoke! That’d better be medicinal!”

Dr. J

Not so fast there bub!

From the IMDB:

Büchse der Pandora, Die

Also Known As:
Lulu (1929)
Pandora’s Box (1929) (UK) (USA)

So they list the Simpson’s version of the title before yours!

Louise Brooks and I lived just a few miles apart for a while back when. A local celebrity/recluse.

Isn’t the bigger issue that this episode was HORRIBLE!
It wasn’t even horrible in a Simpsons kind of horrible. Where they are knowingly winking at the audience letting us know that “Yes, we know this sucks”. They tried to but it just came off as someone ape-ing that style. It was just crap.

I think I laughed three times. Once at Lisa’s saxophone case being full of money thanks to Homer. The making of the Scarecrow. And Lisa’s potato eating a carrot.

I thought this episode was pretty good, compared to some recent ones. I especially llike when Burns was died and shlooped out of Smither’s arms and smacked into the wall, and his being puppeteered by Smithers ala Weekend at Bernies… and Homer’s dilated pupils while on pot .:smiley:

I thought this episode was damn hilarious. I laughed my ass off!!:stuck_out_tongue:

It was a bit freaky at times, but funny. Like when they found bony Mr Burns dead in the bathtub and Smithers held him…I was saying “Eww…Gross!” but giggling at the same time. Kinda like I do at South Park often.

Like in this week’s South Park episode, where the menstrual blood flooded out of the house? LOLOL
but i digress…

“You know, they call them fingers but I’ve never seen them fing.”

Holy carp that just busted me up. Laughed all though the commercial break. One of the best one liners I’ve ever heard. So I’d definately gives this eisode a passing grade.

I thought I was taping it but apparantly not. WHich is annoying because I could have sworn the bag of chips Homer was eating at one points said “Potatao Chips.” Or maybe it was just the weed.