Loulie Jean Norman - Sang the Star Trek theme - RIP

From the Dead Rock Stars Club -

Loulie Jean Norman - Died 8-2-2005 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - She was 92 years old - Singer - She sang the wordless vocals for the theme to the original “Star Trek” TV show - Worked with Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, The Ray Conniff Singers, The 'Gordon Jenkins Singers and Spike Jones & His City Slickers.

She probably didn’t want to be known soley for that theme, but I’ll bet there are very few Americans who haven’t heard that haunting voice.

RIP, Ms. Norman.

FTR, she only sang the “ooohahhhhooooohahhhh” background for the first season. After that they composed an instrumental version which is heard on the second and third season opening credits.

Sir Rhosis