Love-Cirque du Soleil-seen it?

Some people I know raved about it and since we’ll be in Vegas this fall, we thought to look into going.
I did some YouTubes tho’ and it looks like the regular (if you can call them that) Cirque gymnastics and effects over recorded Beatles music. Which really didn’t appeal to us.
Anyone have any input?

Any particular Cirque show you’re referring to? You seem to be referring to Love, but I’m not sure.

The Mrs. and I have seen a number of them; some are wondrous, some less so. Love was one of our faves.

whoops, now I see you do mean love, having mentioned it in the title. :smack:

The wife and I love the show. We’ve seen it several times. But then again, we like watching Cirque gymnastics over recorded Beatles music.

If you want a different show, see Ka or Zumanity. But they are all going to be Cirque gymnastics over recorded music, just different stories/wetness/degree of nudity. Cirque is Cirque.

Love has the best opening of any Cirque show I have seen, and I have seen many. I have seen it twice and loved it. But I am a fan of the music. If you are not a Beatles music fan, then the acrobatic part is about medium for a Cirque performance. Not much humor either.

Ka is the most visually appealing of the Vegas shows.
Mystere is great, and probably the cheapest since it is one of the oldest.
O is slower paced and water based, I didn’t care for it much.
Zumanity is about the one notch below Mystere, but with topless women.
The Criss Angel one was awful
Have not seen Zarkana or the Michael Jackson one.

I saw Love back in 2007–fantastic show I’m kinda meh on Cirque stuff in general but I’m a big Beatles fan. I loved the screen projections and the sound was amazing. The soundtrack CD is excellent.

I’ve seen:


and I would rate them in that order. Love was amazing!

I thought Love was a good show, very thematically well done. Though I imagine the less you care about seeing a gymnastic interpretation of the history of the Beatles, the less interesting the show gets.

To add a little to Xizor’s post, I haven’t seen the Michael Jackson or Criss Angel one, but Zarkana I found to be mediocre. (I think it was originally a traveling show that was re-purposed to Vegas because the Elvis show was failing hard)

My favorite Cirque show in Vegas was actually not a Cirque show–La Reve at the Wynn. A bigger, better “O”