Loveless and dieting on 2/14

I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY!! ::insert various sounds of anger and Ferry breaking things:: I REALLY don’t need a national holiday to remind me that I am again ALONE while my friends are traipsing (yes, TRAIPSING) off with their boyfriends!


With you? How could we be? You just said you were alone.

Thank you for making my week that much worse.


If it makes you feel any better, last year around this time, I was all on my lonesome, too. And dieting. Well, 'kay, 2/14 kinda killed the diet part of dieting, but still…

I get to boycott Valentines frivolities. See, my mom died on February 14. Heart failure.

How’s that for a definition of ironic?

(yeah, thay usually puts a pall over the conversation. Sorry. Carry on)

When this happens, I read the history of VALENTINE’S DAY…

What a thing to do to a St.

On the up side: chocolates sales on the 15th!!!

Well, Ferry, if you’re anywhere near Luton, we could meet up for mutual commiseration…

Did anyone else read, “Lovliness and Dieing”?

I did… I was expecting a much different post.

Don’t worry. I’ll be alone too. For my seventh straight solo valentines day.

On the upside, a bunch of the single guys I know are cooking dinner and buying flowers for a bunch of us single girls and then we’re going to watch romantic movies and cry about our misfortunes in the love stakes.

I had a friend in college who HATED Valentine’s Day. Of course she did not have a boyfriend, and she always seemed to end up working at the front desk of our dorm on that day, sitting behind scads of red Valentine bouquets and presents that had been delivered for the resident blonde bimbos, majorly pissed off. It was so pathetic (and yet strangely funny, because it happened several years in a row) to see her sitting back there cussing a blue streak all day long, barely visible behind all the roses for other girls.

robinc308, this will be my 17th year alone. Got you beat. :smiley:

qts, alas, I am not. I’ll toast to you, however. Best of luck.

Annie…ouch. Many, many hugs to you.

AotL, I appreciate it. You live up to your username.

Valentine’s day a year ago was my first real date in what ended up being a horrible mess of a relationship. Since it ended (4 months later or so), she’s had somewhere between 2 and 4 other relationships, depending on how you count things. I’ve had two first dates.

And yet, I think I got the better of the deal…

Well, I’ll swap ya; I’m alone, AND I’m having my first cervical cancer surgery followup that morning. Well, at least I’m gettiing poked by somebody…

St. Valentine’s Day - HUMBUG I tell you!

A gimmick to sell candy and flowers and drive restaurant reservations.

Oh poo! (and yes, one of the best relationships of my life ended on Feb 14 back a few years ago)

Just ignore it Ferry - it’ll be over by Saturday morning.

HUMBUG, indeed!

I intend to wear black on Friday–moohoohahahaha

If it makes you feel better, I’m dating someone, but I refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of the whole massacre thing. I sort of think it puts a damper on the idea of it being a day of love. My SO knows this and will insist on sending me something anyway (we’re four states apart, so we won’t be together), but I’ve already told him that I’ll be a Scrooge. And everyone thinks I’m an odd duck about it, but I refuse to budge on Valentine’s Day.


hey me too!!! don’t think you’re the winner in this contest. we’re tied.

i dont let valentines day get to me. or i try. cause there’s always chocolate. screw the diet, ferry!

I’m with you in the spirit of plenty of Valentine’s Days past, Ferry.

There ARE cool things to do on Valentine’s Day, depending on where you are…this year I thought my SO would be working that night, so I was planning to do a moonlight bicycle ride with a local cycling group. My other idea was to volunteer at a soup kitchen, community center, or safehouse for abused women – helping others can lift one’s mood, as well as prompt one to count one’s blessings…anyway, I hope you are kind to yourself that day!
[extreme hijack] I don’t believe in diets anymore. Neither does Geneen Roth. have read many of her books, seen her speak, and I think she is right on. Anyone and everyone with any kind of food or intimacy issue should read her books, IMHO. The first one I read was When Food Is Love. Perfect for V-Day, huh? Diets are usually an attempt to externally address an internal issue, and they don’t work (else why would we always be on them?). [/extreme hijack]

Well , all you single people could always roll down to the local bar and shack up with other single people on Valentines day. Chances are if they are out they are single, as most coupled people will be too busy coupling to leave the house.