Loverock: My Hero!

Just think, Loverock has stirred up more crap with a couple inoffensively offensive postings than all my legit attempts at finding info. For crying out catfish, give this 12 year old moron the credit he deserves! Heck, not all of us are able to channel the inability to think, act, or speak coherently or consistently into so much board attention.


cummmm get a peece of the looooooooooveeerooooockkkkk!

loverock is not a single person. The login is shared by several board regulars, who have been using it to troll-- rather successfully, I might add. The joke is old and the secret is out, but apparently they are still enchanted by their feebly continuing attempts at humor.

LOVEROCK fan club?


Auraseer, I thought trolling was when you were dishonestly trying to get people upset or offended. Who is offended by “commeee get a peece of the rroooocckkkkkk!!!”? You had to know this was a loverock thread (your first clue might have been the topic), so it’s not like you’re being forced to put up with him.

It amazes me that so many people were so annoyed by such innocuous (if unintellegent) posts. Some people seemed to be ready to come to blows with this kid, and others actually suggested he commit suicide.

So thanks (sarcasm), Auraseer, for posting Loverock’s identity. For future reference, if someone is telling a joke, and you don’t think it’s funny, it’s still rude for you to give away the punchline early.

Your Quadell

And it’s rude to keep stretching out the joke long after you know people don’t think it’s funny anymore.


What people? Did I miss the vote?

I found the whole “experiment” quite amusing and feel a little cheated that a handful of self-appointed judges of humor have shut it down before I had a chance to contribute. I hope that when the powers that be chose to yank loverock they had a better reason than “It’s not funny anymore”!

And since this is the BBQ pit, I’ll offer this piece of advise to whoever cares to listen:

“Lighten up, pull the stick out of your ass, and don’t be afraid to be silly.”

And tell me again how the “loverock ‘joke’” was appropriate for this message board?

There’s a time and a place for everything. This ain’t it.


the loverock aint no jok! tha tym iz now an tha plase iz heeeeerrrrr!

Without trying to raise any more crap than appropriate for the BBQ pit, my personal take on Loverock (and no, I am not the originator of him, though I was let in on it fairly early) is that he is the abstraction of every troll, and every neo-pubescent male who has just discovered the internet and is trying to further their knowledge.

Not to mention, it was also an interesting test of personal reactions to something so outlandish that it couldn’t possibly be true.

From that sociological perspective, considering Cecil’s own interest in the interactions of the human animal, I would argue that the Straight Dope board would be one of the better places to launch such an alter ego. I do think that the joke has run its course, whether for better or for worse, but while it lasted, it was a heck of a ride. Maybe loverock should have appeared on the BBQ pit first, but then everyone would have clued in instantly. In honour of the way that this was executed, I raise my glass to the executors.

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An ordinary post is one that, usually, asks a question and honestly expects an answer. Or the poster might offer a comment on an event or situation or concept, in the hopes of starting a discussion.

Those behind the loverock posts are doing neither. They were deliberately posting to annoy people-- especially newbies-- and laugh at them. I find this tremendously childish and stupid.

Also, FTR, the “punchline” had already been given away by other people on other threads. Nickrz’s name comes to mind as one person who explained it, though I may be wrong about that.

Although, one could argue that this is another case of the pot calling the kettle black, Aura (I see your name as the initiator of the Over Here ARG220 thread, and if that’s not baiting, I don’t know what is.).

Have you read the “Over Here” thread? It’s a legitimate response to another poster’s religious pronouncements that condemn to hell anyone who doesn’t believe what he believes. It’s written in understandable English, with proper spelling and grammar, and is thought-provoking. It’s also confined to one place, not spewed out all over the message board.


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I have read the over here thread. I realize that the parallels are not exact. I realize that loverock is indefensible, and, as I said earlier, I’m not loverock; indeed, I still don’t know who actually started it. I merely wished to make the point that calling that interchange extreme or unusual behaviour for this board does seem a little heavy-handed. I’ve read a lot of threads that were equally banal, simply lacking the self-mocking spelling and grammatical difficulties. I just wish that the board policy was not to thump the snot out of people that other people disagree with, but rather a more enlightened exchange of ideas. People seem, on the whole, to be more into thumping than listening. And I’m equally guilty of this.
But, this is the BBQ pit. So I’m not going to apologize for defending the concept of loverock, if not the execution of same.


Up there on the list of the manny things I find offensive about the loverock group of trolls is that, now that AuraSeer has supposedly “outed” them (and I note that it was done elsewhere by others beforehand) the group has once again changed its email address, this time to

Little children shouldn’t be allowed to play with the computer until they have learned some manners.


The irony is killing me! Loverock’s harshest critic is the moderator of a forum dedicated to the mundane and pointless!

Oh, puhleeeze. Lighten up. It was a joke. People laughed. It’s over now. We don’t have to get our panties in a wad because we all fell for it for a few days. Please unclench and remove broomstick. Some of the outrage expressed recently over Loverock reminds me of the old saying, “The pun is the lowest form of humor, unless you think of it first.”

Personally, I’d like to send a big thank you out to the Rockster. He provided me with some great straight lines. How many great skewerings did we give the Rock? Would we have had that opportunity without him?

The “waste of bandwidth” argument doesn’t hold a lot of water for me either. There are tens of thousands of posts on this board. Loverock made (this is a guess) less than 30. OOOOOOO, what a waste of space we so desparately need for that “Cutest Male Actors” thread! Isn’t this board for entertainment (among other) purposes? Most of the responses to Loverock were downright hilarious. It’s the Loverocks, Dragonflies, Thorleifur’s and C#3’s of the world that keep this board from being moribund and downright boring.

Methinks the ones angry about Loverock doth protest too much. Is it a cover up of their deep involvement with the Rock, or simple jealousy that they weren’t included. Or perhaps it’s as simple as a lack of a sense of humor.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think LR is funny anymore. But he surely was at first.

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Well, I fortunately missed most of the loverock contremps, but it seems to me that his (her? their?) defenders are missing the point. Yes, people talk about everything here; yes, people try to be funny; yes, some of the chat is mindless and pointless; but ALMOST everyone is intellectually honest enough not to pretend to be something that they are not. And almost everyone refrains from gratuitous chain-yanking that is designed to do nothing more than stir people up. What pissed people off when the whole thing was revealed to be a put-on is the perpetrators’ dishonesty is adopting a persona not their own, as well as the discovery by some posters tha they had taken the time to seriously consider postings that did not deserve a serious response. It was nothing more than jerking-off on the Board, and people reasonbly resent involuntarily participating in someone else’s circle jerk, and make no mistake – that’s what this was.